The Yogapreneur Collective is, in short, your unfair advantage in an increasingly challenging marketplace.

A dedicated, heart-centred crew of passionate yoga studio owners, members of The YC pride themselves in making amazing contributions to their communities, while running their studios like well-oiled machines.

It’s amazing what happens when you combine pragmatism with intentional service; the abundance and opportunity knows no limits.

Really, we’re all about finding that ideal balance between profit and purpose that all yoga-based entrepreneurs desire, but so few actually realize.

A dream squad of collaborators, supporters, and idea-hatchers, your fellow Collective members are the sounding board and inspiration you’ve been fantasizing about.

The YC will boost your business in so many ways from the moment you join…you’ll be left wondering where this group was when you first opened your studio.

Don’t worry about that. Get started now, and be ready to watch your numbers, profits, and peace of mind flourish beyond your wildest dreams.

1. Calls

As a member of The YC, you will receive access to Josh’s schedule, and can book calls with him to suit your needs and agenda.

These calls are where the magic happens, because Josh is a master of honing in on your most important issue first, even if you have no clue yet what that is.

Whether you need to solve a unique and frustrating challenge with your staff and teachers, make some tough decisions with an experienced pro on your side, or boost your sales fast, Josh will help you hash out next steps with clarity and confidence.

As your coach, partner, collaborator, and co-conspirator, he’ll be right in there with you, ready to get shit done, and drawing on his experience with over 100 studios to help you get in tune and stay on track.

2. Group Zoom Sessions

There’s nothing like hanging out with dozens of other studio owners on a group call who – surprise! – have so many of the same problems and issues you do. It’s a feeling of community, connection, and relief like no other.

It’s lonely at the top. Really, you can talk all day to your staff, friends, and partner…but no one truly gets it. Your fellow members of The YC are colleagues, confidantes, and peers.

All that to say: You don’t have to do this alone anymore.

The Zoom calls are basically bi-weekly jam sessions with a focused topic, and ample space to ask questions, creep on other people’s questions and apply the intel to your business, and stay ahead of the curve with all things yoga and industry.

We’ve created a sweet list of topics ahead of time, and we keep the calls focused, en pointe, and geared towards providing you massive value in a compact period of time.

Think of a dinner party with a few dozen of your peers, where the head of the table speaks on super relevant subjects, and everyone gets to both listen and have their say…only there’s no dinner. (Although we may add this in the future 😉 )

And if you can’t make the party, no big deal. All calls (going back to the very beginning) are nested in your member centre for easy access, and for you to consume as you like, whether on video, or audio while you’re driving or tidying up after class.

3. Facebook group

Solidarity is so sweet, especially when you have a business to run, and an industry to stay on top of.

Things are changing very quickly these days. This community will keep you so in the loop, you’ll have extensive, up-to-the-minute knowledge of current events, trends, and marketing practices that will help you kill it in your business.

The Yogapreneur Collective Facebook group is the hub of the whole experience. Don’t worry if you don’t ‘do’ the Facebook; a lot of our members log in exclusively to interact in the group because there’s just that much value.

Did a teacher bail on you for the third time, but has super personal reasons and turns on the faucets when you try to talk to him about it? Post the story and see what your peers have to say.
Maybe with this teacher, it’s also that the students love them

Need to know how to respond pragmatically to the student who sent you a snappy email that pissed you right off because you’ve extended their class card for them – for free – 13 times? Poll the group. You’ll get some feedback on that, don’t you worry.

Heating guy trying to charge you too much? Find out what’s fair market value by opening up the conversation to studio owners in comparable markets.

To sale, or not to sale…that is the question. Check in with successful studios in other, similar communities and find out what works best for them and how they have their best months ever.

Beyond being the best sounding board you’ll ever find, The YC Facebook group will keep you current, connected, and clear no matter what is hitting the fan on any given day.

What about Josh’s live videos to answer questions — need to also touch on Josh’s response to questions and videos in response to questions, that they can access feedback from Josh on Facebook too (so many other studio owner facebook groups are unmoderated and nobody knows what the F they’re talking about, it’s like the blind leading the blind)

4. The Yogapreneur library

What’s the best way to do an expensive-looking photoshoot for your studio… on the cheap?

YouTube channels are so hot right now…but how do you get started and setup for success?

How do you create a sound and effective strategy for your Facebook page so you don’t feel like you’re throwing noodles against the wall to see if they stick?

What the eff is a retargeting pixel, and how do you book winning Facebook ads without wasting cash?

Need to write copy that connects emotionally, but don’t know where to start?

Maybe you want to augment your revenue streams with yoga retreats, or host your own teacher training. Great ideas!

From Feng Shui for your studio to teaching your staff to sell like wizards, there’s a course for that in the Yogapreneur Library.

With comprehensive video trainings, swipe files, sales scripts that will blow your numbers out of the water, done-for-you email sequences for new students, and even budgeting templates, you could literally launch and run a studio from soup to nuts with all the resources you’ll find here.

And don’t worry about overwhelm, because as part of your on-boarding process, you’ll receive specific recommendations so you know exactly where to start, and how to proceed from there.

We are constantly updating The Yogapreneur Library so the trainings are always fresh, and highly relevant for running your studio like the yoga-boss you are.

Educating yourself has never been so fun…or easy. 🤓