I joined this community in the summer of 2019. My studio had been open for about a year. I was still in debt from my build-out and I was losing $3,000 a month. I was on the verge of closing, and I didn't want to go down!

I just started Googling yoga business coaches, and Josh's name came up. I signed up for individual coaching and the group. On my first coaching call with Josh, he's like: "Alright... we're going to get you out of debt!"

Even through the sh!tty year we've had due to COVID, in April 2020 I paid off my studio debt, I doubled my studio income, and I started to pay myself!

I wouldn't have been able to do it without this amazing community and all the awesome people that I've met here. I don’t know what I would do without you!

“Working with Josh is the single best business decision I've ever

made for my studio" - Maria Mcbride, Hometown Sweat

When I first opened up shop, I was clueless about the business side of running a yoga studio.

My strategy had always been 'throw a bunch of stuff against the wall and see what sticks'.

I decided to hire Josh, and I can honestly say that it was the best business decision i've ever made. We've been working together for about 6 months, and every single measurable aspect of my business has improved.

Sales, retention, attendance, memberships, intro specials sold. And that's with me still spending a significant amount of time at home, with 3 young kids.

Last month alone, our profit increased by more than 35% over last year.

Join the Yogapreneur Collective, and watch your business transform.

"Since working with Josh, I'm excited to go into work every day,

and hopeful for the future." - Sara Curry, Blaze Yoga & Pilates

The first time I saw Josh Biro advertise yoga studio business coaching, I thought "Who's this punk, and what the heck does he know about running a yoga studio?".

Like most yoga studio owners, I was passionate about yoga, and bringing the benefits of the practice to as many people as possible. But most of what I learned about the business side of it had been kind of on the side and half-assed.

Within the first 30 minutes of his lecture for the OHYA, I had three major changes I knew I needed to make in my business.

I've referred five of my colleagues to work with him, and I've already seen changes in their businesses. I now feel like I have a process, strategy, and system for how I run my business.

If you want to be the best, and have a great impact on the world, you have to work with the best. Josh is the real deal.

“One conversation with josh inspired a change that doubled our

monthly recurring revenue." - Kay Dover, B.Y. St. Johns

Working with Josh, my husband and I started to feel safe and confident that we were going to be able to make running a studio work.

The video trainings are perfect, because you can do the exercises on your own time.

We loved the videos because - if we didn't get a concept right away - we could stop Josh, rewind Josh, and pause him so we could sit and talk about what he was teaching.

The video method of teaching allowed us to really have the time to figure out what we were learning. And the calls just helped to drive it all home.

Being connected with Josh is one thing, but the connection to all the studios he works with is also a major help, because we all share our experiences and learn from each others.

If you want to be able to relax and enjoy your life as a yoga studio owner, you need to work with Josh Biro.

“Remember that spark when you first opened? Josh will help to

bring that passion back to you." - Carol Edwards, B.Y. Aurora

With Josh's help, I did a demographic analysis, and we changed my class schedule. It resulted in really happy students that were practicing more consistently.

I started to look at my numbers in a whole new way, and understand the minimum head count I needed per class to break even.

These were the things I hadn't really focused on before I started coaching with Josh.

Since I started working with Josh, and implementing his process, I've had an increase in attendance since last year of 35%!

And here's the whopping one! My first visits for new students have increased by over 65%!!

I am a very satisfied customer, and I highly recommend Josh Biro and Nomad Business Coaching.

“Once Josh came on board, our studio grew…FAST!.”

- Adi Westerman, Hot Yoga Asheville

"Since we started working with Josh, our studio has completely taken off. We COULD NOT believe how powerful and tangible the tools he provides really were.

And simple!

Not only has our retention improved, but we have way more people coming in the door.

In every measurable facet of my business, things have improved. Sales are up, and even attendance is up over 60% since Josh’s systems have been put in place. Josh has created a vibe in our studio that is FRESH, NEW, AND EXCITING.

Join the Yogapreneur Collective!” - Adi Westerman,,

"Within the first few minutes with Josh,

I was clear on some very key things I was doing wrong.”

Nomad Business Coaching absolutely changed my business.

I knew how to do a lot of stuff, but my focus was on THE YOGA, and on creating amazing teachers.

I didn’t know how to get people in the doors to help them change their lives. I had no idea why it was so hard for me to see results in my business, but within the first few minutes with Josh, I became clear that I was doing some very key things wrong in my business.

Josh has told me everything that I need to do and my whole studio has changed.

- Marla Thomas, Queen City Yoga

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