Yogapreneur Collective Subscription

$300.00 / month

Feel like you’re locked into a state of perpetual overwhelm? Most yoga studio owners do!

The industry is constantly changing and it’s not slowing down any time soon. You need a competitive edge to help you break free. You need The Yogapreneur Collective! 

As a member of The Yogapreneur Collective, you’ll connect with a coaching community that truly gets it along with all the resources and coaching you need to run an insanely profitable yoga studio, change more lives, and even have a life of your own. 

Stop trying to do it all on your own. Join the YC today.

With your membership to the Yogapreneur Collective, you get laser focused guidance with twice monthly group webinars, our video library, swipe files, templates and access to one-on-one coaching all for just $125 a month. You get instant access to the Yogapreneur Collective resource library and a vibrant community in our private Facebook group. 

You don’t have to do it alone. Just imagine what you can accomplish when you:

  • Access cutting edge resources from our self-study library of over 50 how to videos, templates and swipe files. 
  • Get personalized guidance and stay accountable with twice monthly webinars on best business practices and industry trends.
  • Stay in the loop with instant feedback in our private Facebook group, full of dedicated studio owners and coaches. 
  • Gain access to our expert coaches’ scheduler for one-on-one coaching to deep dive into your studio’s unique needs. 

The Yogapreneur Collective gives you maximum flexibility to work at your own pace and you’re not locked into anything. You can cancel at any time with just 48 hours notice. 

It’s lonely at the top. Your teachers, partners and family don’t truly get it. As the owner, at any moment there are a million things you could be doing. With the Yogapreneur Collective you have the tools you need to take action. Join today and become part of a super-dedicated crew of yogis who are increasing profits and changing lives in their communities.