MBO KPI Reporting Done For You

$150.00 / month

You make what you measure!

Knowing your numbers is not only a best practice but one of the most empowering actions you can take in your business to identify issues early, celebrate successes often, and prioritize your efforts to focus on the biggest dominoes.



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When you sign up for Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Reporting Done For You one of our Mindbody certified consultants (KPI Coach) will complete a monthly KPI report for you each month.

Reports will be accessible via a shared google sheet by the 5th of each month.

You will also receive a monthly email with custom commentary and recommendations from your KPI Coach for you to consider taking action on.

When necessary you may schedule a 15 minute call with your KPI Coach (max 1 per month) to clarify anything in the KPI.

What will happen after you sign up:

  • You’ll be paired with your KPI Coach
  • You’ll create a log in for your KPI Coach to your MBO system with all reporting permission turned on
  • Your KPI Coach will create and share your KPI document
  • Your KPI Coach will start building your first month’s reports and a baseline metrics to track progress
  • Your Coach will send over their first set of interpretations and recommendations
  • You’ll access your freshly updated report and commentary each month by the 5th of the month

KPIs Measured:

  • Attendance
  • Revenue
  • Retention
  • Referrals
  • Online Sales
  • Payroll