The Million Dollar Studio Intro Retention Sequence


In most yoga studios, 50% of students who come in for their first class never set foot in your doors again!

Client attrition is a huge problem. You need a super dialled in strategy to retain your new students, convert them to membership, and get them practicing more yoga so they change their lives (and while you increase profits!).

That’s why we’ve created a cutting edge Intro Pipeline with 28 points of contact, strategically designed, with example copy that you can plug and play, to make new students fall in love with your studio and keep coming back for more.

The template includes:

  • Segmentation, triggers, and flow chart for easy implementation of the pipeline
  • Schedule for all points of contact
  • Messaging Guide to clarify your brand message
  • Examples, templates, and formulas for emails, text messages, and videos in the pipeline
  • Option to have this template added to your Brandbot account (no charge)
  • Option to add Custom Copywriting for your studio ($700)


Contact flows:

  • Pre-activation email flow
  • Upsell email flow
  • Value email flow
  • No Purchase follow-up email flow
  • SMS sequence
  • Phone call sequence


This is Intro Pipeline Sequence is your secret weapon to boost retention!

  • Convert more new students from intro to membership
  • Send out value emails that enhance your brand
  • Sales email scripts to boost conversion
  • Follow up sequence for no purchase
  • Cutting edge funnel from intro pass purchase to membership purchase
  • Grow your memberships and recurring revenue