Free Strategy Session

You started your studio because you believe in the power of yoga to change lives. You’re passionate, dedicated and work EXTREMELY hard at what you do. But somewhere along the way you got stuck.

  • You’re not bringing new people through the door like you used to. You’ve relied on foot traffic to fill your classes and now it’s slowing down. Your marketing isn’t doing what you’d like. No matter what you try they aren’t showing up.
  • Your intro offer is selling, but no one’s sticking around. Getting people to show up is amazing! Getting them to stay is even better.
  • You’re doing everything yourself! Do you feel like you’re living at the office? Single-handedly keeping the entire thing going? What would happen if you needed a week or a month off?

Feeling overwhelmed? Burnt out? Frustrated?


you can run the insanely profitable studio you envision.

It’s time to take action! Join a FREE Live Coaching call and get real advice you can use IMMEDIATELY. A fresh perspective is just what you need to bust through obstacles and level up fast!

Each call focuses on giving you personalized coaching and advice. Before the call, you’ll get a worksheet to help you dial in on your biggest concerns. Make time to set your intention and get ready to take action!

Getting started is easy:

1. Select a time that works for you
2. Show up on your computer ready to ask questions
3. Get clear on the next steps specifically for YOUR studio!

We'll see you on the call!