Q: What’s included in membership?

A: There are four basic elements included in your membership of $125/month:

1. Access to Josh’s schedule (only for members of The YC) where you can choose and book calls with him for a discounted member rate.

2. Group Zoom Sessions
There’s nothing like hanging out with dozens of other studio owners on a group call who – surprise! – have so many of the same problems and issues you do. It’s a feeling of community, connection, and relief like no other. We have these mastermind jam sessions every two weeks, and if you can’t make it…no worries. They are all nested in your membership area in the website.

3. The Yogapreneur’s Facebook group
This is the best sounding board for your business you’ll ever have. Connect with studio owners all over the world – and in similar markets as yours – and ask questions, get feedback, and of course creep on what everyone else is up to! So helpful. Most of our members say this is the single best FB group they’ve ever been a part of; we agree, because we work our asses off to keep it nice and clean, simple, and awesome in there!

4. The Yogapreneur’s Library

From Feng Shui for your studio to teaching your staff to sell like wizards, there’s a course for that in the Yogapreneur Library.

With comprehensive video trainings, swipe files, sales scripts that will blow your numbers out of the water, done-for-you email sequences for new students, and even budgeting templates, you could literally launch and run a studio from soup to nuts with all the resources you’ll find here.

Q: Can I get one on one help with Josh?

A: You bet you can! Click here to sign up and book a call. And if you want more info on calls with Josh, you can check it out here.

Q: How long do I get access to the resources in the YC?

A: You have unlimited access to all the resources of The YC for as long as your membership is active.

Q: I’ve been to Mindbody University / worked with another consultant. Will this still help me?

A: This program is way different than MBU, but also covers all the questions and topics they teach. Also, Josh is a certified Mindbody Consultant, and teaches at MBU, so he brings all that training and expertise to The Yogapreneur Collective.

The YC is likely very different than other consultants, although of course we don’t know what everyone is up to, and there are some really great coaches out there!

The community aspect of The YC is really the secret sauce. Having access to Josh on calls can also propel you forward in your studio far faster than you’d be able to do on your own, simply because he’s worked with so many different studios, and seen so many efforts succeed and fail. Josh is wide open with his experience and gives you 100% of his expertise every single call. There’s no holding back around here.

Q: What if I try this, and it’s just not for me?

A: We get it. No one wants to pay for something they’re not using.

Plus, we don’t believe in forced commitments. So we just need 48 hours notice to cancel your membership.

Making it easy to opt-out keeps us on our toes, and ensures that we are bringing it, day in and day out, and always making this thing better for you, our beloved end user.

Our goal is to deliver so much value to you, and get you so such amazing results, you’d feel silly to leave.

Q: Is this as awesome as it sounds?

A: Heck to the yes it is.

But don’t take it from us. Check out our testimonials to hear it directly from our raving fans.