• The Yogapreneur's Guide to COVID-19 Free Webinar Series

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    Emergency live webinar series on best practices for wellness businesses during COVID19. You’ll learn how to transition to online classes, best practices for online community engagement, how to manage and empower your staff and community during this time, and so much more.

  • The Ultimate Studio Survival Guide during Social Distancing

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    • The Ultimate Studio Survival Guide during Social Distancing -

    Inside this course (30 videos + 22 templates) you’ll get straight talk and learn: How to pivot to an online studio so you can stay connected and relevant to students. What to do with your staff and pricing so you can protect your profitability.  How to lower expenses and maintain cash flow so you can […]

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Want to create a clear path to autopay for your yoga studio? Here’s how. - Setting up clients on an autopay program saves them - and you - time and money. So why is it so difficult to get them to buy-in? Explore how to structure your pricing so that autopay sells itself.
Flighty to Focused – Actually Get Sh!t Done - Fight overwhelm and crush your big goals! All you have to do is break it down. YOU CAN DO THIS! It’s easier than you think...
How to train studio your staff with transparency - Running a yoga studio is hard. Your spouse, family and friends may be supportive, but they don’t really get it. Even your staff isn’t always on the same page as you. Your mission drives you...and that’s what makes the difference for your studio.
Relax…Use SOPs! - Overwhelmed? Not enough time in the day? You’re not alone. As a business owner, it’s hard to trust your business in the hands of other people. There is a way to feel comfortable delegating tasks and step away from your studio more often: SOPs!
Level Up Your Time Management -
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The Power of Storytelling - Did you know you connect with others using your personal story? It has value! Learn more about creating business with the power of storytelling. We are WIRED to respond to this!
Welcome to the Digital Yoga Era - You may not love the idea of digital yoga, but your clients expect it. Keep your studio relevant and lean into the digital yoga era. You have an exciting opportunity to meet the needs of your community AND increase sales by expanding into the virtual market.
Want to motivate your staff? Remind them WHY they love yoga! - Getting a well-trained, amped up yoga studio staff can feel frustrating and sometimes even a bit impossible. As the saying goes, “Good help is hard to find” … but where did all those good people go?
What does your pricing say about your yoga studio? - Pricing sends a clear message to your potential students. It either says your yoga studio is worth their time and attention or it doesn’t.
How to build your dream team to help run your dream studio. - Now more than ever it’s important to have a dedicated team that shares your vision for success. Learn how to build your dream team to help you run your dream studio!

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