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    Emergency live webinar series on best practices for wellness businesses during COVID19. You’ll learn how to transition to online classes, best practices for online community engagement, how to manage and empower your staff and community during this time, and so much more.

  • The Ultimate Studio Survival Guide during Social Distancing

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    • The Ultimate Studio Survival Guide during Social Distancing -

    *Pay What You Can. Times are tough for studio owners. The doors are closed, the classes are cancelled, and you’re probably wondering what comes next for your studio. You’re not alone!   Get what you need to take immediate action and guard your studio’s future. Inside this course (30 videos + 22 templates) you’ll get […]

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The classes and services to offer (and NOT offer) when reopening your studio - Learn how to make your studio work for you EVERY MINUTE it’s open, by prioritizing your classes and setting a smart schedule. Think outside the box with 1:1 coaching, semi-private classes and yoga journey series.
What should my pricing strategy be for reopening? - Reopening is the perfect time to revamp your pricing structure. Merging your virtual and in-person studios can be challenging. We’ll show you how to create options that appeal to each type of client, while keeping it streamlined to prevent overwhelm.
How to make your yoga studio a safe, profitable and fun environment when you reopen - Make reopening a breeze with our step-by-step guide for applying social distancing guidelines to your studio. Anticipate questions your members are asking and get prepared for a smooth reopening.
Is Mindbody’s Virtual Wellness Platform right for your yoga studio? - Mindbody promised a lot with it’s new platform, but the delivery doesn’t live up to the hype. If you sign the Terms and Conditions you’re giving Mindbody control of your content to use however they want to for as long as they want without paying you… Take a look at the ins and outs.
The top 5 legal considerations for your yoga studio right now. - Protect yourself and your studio from liability during this reopening process! Get a head start on everything you need to know to dot your I’s and cross your T’s before reopening.
Position your virtual library to support your brick-and-mortar yoga studio - Tempted to step away from video recording all together once your studio reopens? That’s a mistake. A strong virtual yoga library is a MAJOR value add for your studio membership. Drive membership sales way up with this positioning.
What to do with online classes when your yoga studio reopens. - How do you merge your physical studio you and the online studio you’ve created recently? Building a cohesive studio reopening plan is a challenge. There are probably more options than you thought. Let’s take them one by one and find what works for you and your studio.
Everything you need to know about running a yoga studio during social distancing - Learn everything you need to keep your yoga studio afloat during social distancing. We’ve covered everything from online classes and staff management to the new CARES Act.
The smart way to reopen your yoga studio after social distancing. - It’s time to start planning your comeback! Get in the know about next steps for reopening your yoga studio - from learning local regulations to pricing modifications and collecting supplies.
What’s the ideal online yoga class schedule? - Your online schedule doesn’t have to look the same as your in-person class schedule did. It can be shorter. Different times might work better. Think about your specific community’s needs when you decide on an online class schedule.

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