Yoga Branding

Yoga Branding

Yoga is often about building community with yourself and others on the mat. And your passion for the practice is essential when it comes to growing your yoga studio and establishing dedicated clientele. That said, running a business can be a wild and overwhelming journey, especially as you grow! 

A successful marketing strategy can help skyrocket your yoga studio to the next level, increasing your sales, profits, and client retention. So, what does branding look like, and how can you make it work for you? In this article, we’ll discuss branding basics and strategies for how to evolve your business. 

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What is Branding for a Yoga Studio?

Branding for your yoga studio goes beyond creating a logo and a pretty website (though they’re important steps for your overall vibe). 

A brand is a marketing concept that lets your potential clients know who you are and what you offer. It includes your logo, the quality of your product or service, and the impression you create. 

Branding strategy allows you to target a specific audience to generate leads, pack more students into your space, and build client loyalty. 

Benefits of a Strong Yoga Studio Brand

Successful branding means your studio’s reputation is legit in the eyes of your clients and employees. It’s recognizable, trustworthy, and a place that students return to again and again. The benefits of solid branding include three key components for a successful business: brand recognition, credibility, and customer loyalty.  

Brand Recognition

Brand recognition occurs when someone can identify your yoga studio upon seeing an element of your brand, like a logo, tagline, or advertising campaign. When a client can pick your yoga studio out of a lineup, they’re familiar with your reputation and are more likely to engage with your studio. 

A recognizable brand means building an emotional connection with current and new students and employees around shared values. People want to and will buy into that.


Think about the brands you turn to repeatedly. Maybe that’s your favorite clothing company, food service, or self-care app. Why do you choose them? When you’re familiar with the quality of a brand, you often like it more, trust it more, and you’re willing to invest in it. Building credibility takes time, but it’s worth it for the massive results. 

Customer Loyalty

So, now your brand is recognizable and trustworthy. How do you maintain that? You want to make sure you’re communicating with your clients and getting their feedback so that they feel like they’re not just a student or employee but also part of the brand. 

Knowing your clients helps you stay relevant and identify community needs. Maybe you have current clients who are interested in trying hot yoga or want to be able to suggest music for the class playlist. Getting this kind of feedback allows you to adapt and offer a more personalized, richer experience that will keep people coming back. 

How to Brand Your Yoga Studio

Now that you understand the value of brand recognition, you want to jumpstart your yoga studio’s strategy. What’s the nitty-gritty of it all? Where do you start? We break it down for you below.

Define Your Goals

Understanding and defining your goals from the start allows you to ensure progress and growth. You need clear and measurable goals to draw new students, delight current students, and create a yoga studio atmosphere that attracts and maintains top instructors. 

That means you need to know your numbers or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). KPIs like total revenue, total expenses, and net profit and loss can set both short- and long-term goals and begin tracking your progress toward achieving concrete goals. 

Find Your Niche

What makes your yoga studio stand out from other local businesses in the yoga industry? Maybe you’re offering an incredible loyalty program, private instruction, a specialty yoga class, or other unique services. Discovering your niche helps you understand what your specific audience wants, how you can meet their needs, and what you can learn from your competitors. 

Develop Your Mission Statement

A mission statement allows you to clearly communicate your yoga studio’s purpose so that your potential students know exactly what you’re bringing to the table and what values you stand by. A good mission statement identifies a problem within your community and provides a solution. 

Create Your Visual Brand Identity

This is where that logo and website aesthetic comes in! While you’re curating your niche and developing your customer base through the delivery of an outstanding yoga studio, your visual brand identity becomes the face of all your hard work. These online marketing materials will be recognizable and streamlined to contribute to brand recognition. 

Logos, Colors, and Consistency

Consistency is your friend when it comes to your visual brand identity. You don’t want to confuse your audience by using too many different logos or colors. Streamlining your visuals by using the same color palette and logos will only help to boost your brand recognition. 

Create Your Online Brand Identity

Beyond your website and merchandise, you want to ensure that your marketing efforts adhere to your brand’s visual identity and mission. 

Clear and Concise Web Presence

You want to make sure you’re using the same tone and language across all platforms. That means if the content you’re putting out on the web is meant to be sassy, keep it sassy. If it’s meant to be informative, stay informative. Your content should also reflect the emotional connection you have with your current students and those you hope to attract.

Concise Social Media Presence

Remember, consistency is key. Social media allows you to communicate directly with potential yoga students and talented employees, so you want to use it effectively. Delivering meaningful, relevant content while promptly addressing tags, comments, and concerns will only help you gather important insights and grow successfully. 

Easy-to-Use Customer Service Presence

Developing a user-friendly way for students to give you feedback makes it easier for you to right wrongs and adapt your systems to avoid future concerns. If a client has to navigate a clunky interface or can’t find a way to contact you, you’re more likely to lose their business and damage your yoga studio’s reputation.

Develop Your Core Values

Core values are the standards you hold your yoga studio to when running your business. These values dictate everything from marketing to decision-making and building community with your students. They could be something like “Compassion, Discipline, and Vulnerability,” but you’ll have to determine what best represents you and your services.

Established Brands and Decisions that Highlight Their Core Values

Brands like Everlane and WeWork do an incredible job of highlighting their core values through clear language and quality service. 

Everlane distills its core beliefs into concise language, “Our way: Exceptional quality. Ethical factories. Radical transparency,’ and then expands on how the decisions they make deliver on each value. Their site lets you know Everlane is a brand that’s dedicated to following through on its mission: clothing that’s well-made, ethically sourced, sustainable, and accurately priced.

WeWork’s mission to “Empower tomorrow’s world at work” is clear and to the point, highlighting them as future-thinking and customer-focused. They’re building working spaces that evolve alongside workers. WeWork also lists their values and provides specific definitions, spelling out how to hold them accountable. 

Common Yoga Branding Mistakes

Managing a business is no small feat, so you want to make sure you’re using your time and energy in a way that will serve you best. Let’s explore some common branding mistakes that can make scaling your business difficult. 

Your Brand is Only the Logo

People want a story to grasp and something to believe in when they’re choosing a yoga studio. If your brand solely consists of your logo, you’re losing out on the opportunity to clearly communicate your yoga studio’s values and services. A logo is a part of the puzzle, but it’s not the whole picture. 

Your Target Audience is Too Broad

You’re not going to be able to meet the needs of everyone, and trying to target a broad audience can actually hurt your ability to grow. If you go broad and try to connect with everyone, you won’t be interesting to anyone and your branding will suffer. Instead, focus on the specific student you want to attract that fits within your niche and is drawn to your brand values.

You Keep Changing Your Yoga Brand

Reinventing your yoga brand again and again can be tempting as your tastes change or you let your competitors dictate your business. Remember the old adage, “Consistency is your friend?” Your brand recognition, credibility, and customer loyalty are all tied to consistent branding. If you keep changing your brand, you risk confusing students and losing out on business.

Create Your Yoga Brand with Yoga Business Coach Josh Biro

Josh founded the Yogapreneur Collective to help yoga studio owners generate leads, boost sales, create an outstanding employee team, and build systems to make daily operations run smoothly.

Josh’s guidance is highly sought-after, and he’ll work with you to develop an authentic brand that represents all of your strengths. Not only do his strategies work, but his delivery is also what keeps people returning for his advice. He’ll treat you as a dear friend and like your business is his own. 

With time, discipline, and impeccable mentorship, you can start making a powerful impact on your community through a thriving yoga studio business. Book a free strategy session with Josh Biro when you’re ready to make real change and see real growth. 

5 Hours of Focus to Plan Your Yoga Studio Marketing Calendar

5 Hours of Focus to Plan Your Yoga Studio Marketing Calendar

Planning an entire year’s marketing calendar can feel like a momentous job. And it is a very important one. But it can be done, and it can be done in a half day’s work! 

But why do you need to plan your marketing calendar so far in advance? If you’re not one for planning, it can seem a little excessive. So here’s exactly why you need to be mapping out your marketing plan for the year. 

Why Your Yoga Studio Needs a Marketing Calendar

The truth of the matter is that if you don’t plan things beforehand, they often don’t get done.

 A social media post can go straight to the bottom of your list of things to do in a day if you’re busy and don’t feel creative. It then ends up getting pushed off, maybe indefinitely. After all, what’s one missed day of posting? 

Well, if you want your business to grow, then consistent marketing is key. These are the reasons you need a marketing calendar to plan your strategy: 

  • Grow your business
  • Achieve specific goals
  • Stay organized
  • Execute events so they’re effective and go off without a hitch
  • Feel relief by getting this out of the way now
  • Spend more time on the internal details of your events and make them even more awesome and engaging!

I’m sure we can all agree on the why. Planning your marketing calendar has many upsides, but let’s look into the how. 

See our video on our Marketing Calendar Lab from the 2019 Yoga Business Summit here! ⤵️

This information was originally presented at the 2019 Yoga Business Summit. For more incredible yoga business marketing content, check out this year’s Yoga Business Summit, October 10-16, 2021 in Puerto Morelos, Mexico.

How to Plan a Marketing Calendar

The first thing you need to know about planning a marketing calendar is that it’s going to take a singular focus. Why? Because although your brain can process many things in a short space of time, it can’t process them all in one moment of time. So you’ll need to block off a few hours out of your day to focus on ONLY your marketing calendar. That’s the most efficient way to get things done!

Using these steps, you can plan your yearly marketing calendar in no time at all (under 5 hours). 

Choose a Platform to Host Your Calendar

The first thing you’ll need to decide is where your marketing calendar is going to go. It’s important that you have it somewhere that other people can access it too. This way if a marketing company takes over your strategy, they can see what you had planned, or at the very least, see what marketing was done in the past. 

Google Sheets is a great platform because it allows more than one person to work on it at the same time. The bigger your team, the more enticing this benefit is. If you’re looking for a marketing calendar software specifically designed for the job, then these are your top options: 

  • Visually
  • Wrike
  • CoSchedule
  • CrossCap
  • Newscred

Write Down Your Goals

It’s imperative that you know what you’re doing this for. Over the next year, what goals are most important to your yoga studio? Marketing goals often look a lot like this: 

  • Increasing brand exposure
  • Gaining new leads
  • Making sales

When you’ve decided which goals are most important to you, then you can make sure that every campaign works toward achieving this outcome. Having a clear idea in your head of where you want the business to go makes the rest of the job a lot easier.

Decide on Your Marketing Strategies

Before putting anything at all in your marketing calendar, you’ll need to decide on a marketing strategy. This way you’re not wasting time and energy on platforms that aren’t going to help you reach your goals. 

Yoga studio marketing can include a range of different strategies, but what’s paramount is that you choose the right ones for your brand. Here are a few examples of marketing strategies: 

  • Content Marketing – Content marketing focuses on creating and sharing content with your audience. This is often done in blog format and enables you to share valuable insights with your audience. You can include guides on how to do specific yoga poses and facts about why yoga is so good for you.
  • Email Marketing – Email marketing is one step more personal. It allows you to send emails to your entire mailing list – these will generally be people who have already practiced yoga at your studio. These can include event alerts, upcoming promotions, or simply share snippets of information and link to the posts you’ve created for your content marketing strategy.
  • Social Media Marketing – Social media marketing is planning content to be posted on your social media platforms. For yoga studios, Instagram and Facebook are probably all you need. However, if your business is a little bigger than platforms like LinkedIn and TikTok can also be used.
  • PPC Advertising – Pay-per-click advertising is a marketing strategy that involves placing ads at the top of Google search results. You only pay for the advert if someone clicks on your ad. This is great if implemented locally, but if you don’t know what you’re doing you can waste a lot of money. So it’s best to get a professional to work on your PPC.

Pick Out Important Dates

Now that you’ve decided on your marketing strategy, you can go ahead and start planning your content. The best way to do this is to start off with important dates that you could monopolize on during the year. 

How about planning a women’s day special to encourage new female yogis to join? When’s your yoga studio’s birthday? You might be able to work in an event around that – and content to go with it.  

Start Populating Your Marketing Calendar

In the beginning, you can simply populate your marketing calendar with ideas e.g post an infographic about the best yoga poses for posture. From there at least you have an outline of what is going to be posted on what day. 

Once you have a starting point, creating the actual content becomes a lot easier. Or if you have the budget, you can pay someone to do that part for you. But at least this way you still have control over the type of content that’s being put out there. 

The Yoga Studio Marketing Calendar You Won’t Regret

Spending a couple of hours on your marketing calendar might seem very daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. With your marketing calendar as your singular focus, you can knock it out in a couple of hours, and feel much more organized for the future. 

Creating your marketing calendar is the first step toward reaching your goals for the year. So if increasing your revenue, or creating brand awareness is important to you, then getting the first part done will put you one step closer to achieving your goals!

If you’re ready to create insane, bottom-line busting marketing strategies that sell more yoga in 2022, check out the 2021 Yoga Business Summit in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. We’ll spend 7 days and 6 nights refining your core messaging, creating a plan to sell more yoga, and designing strategies that benefit your studio – and your sanity – years into the future. 

This year’s summit is designed to help you navigate the upcoming industry changes to positively impact your bottom line. 

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Retaining Clients | A Yoga Studio’s Guide to Long-Term Success

Retaining Clients | A Yoga Studio’s Guide to Long-Term Success

One of the biggest challenges that face yoga studios today is the drop-off rate of new clients. If you’re on par with the average yoga studio, you’ll lose 50% of your students after their very first session. 

But why is that such a big deal? According to Harvard Business School, increasing client retention by only 5% can increase your business’s profitability by between 25 and 95 percent. That’s a large chunk of profit we’re talking about!

Client retention can take your business from surviving to absolutely thriving. Although the yoga and wellness industry is continuing to boom, there is also a lot of competition. This makes retaining clients a little more challenging, but it can be done – especially with the help of a yoga business coach.

See our video on our Retention Mastery Lab from the 2019 Yoga Business Summit here! ⤵️

This information was originally presented at the 2019 Yoga Business Summit. For more incredible yoga business marketing content, check out this year’s Yoga Business Summit, October 10-16, 2021 in Puerto Morelos, Mexico.

What Client Retention Can do for Your Business

To fully understand what retaining clients could do for your business, you need to see the stats. 

This is what happens in most yoga studios: 

  • 50 – 100 new students attend per month (less than 10% of their website traffic)
  • Lose 50% of people after the first visit
  • Average retention off intro is only 20-25%
  • Average months on autopay membership is 3-4
  • Have a 25% year-over-year retention (the top 10% of MindBody Class Based Businesses= 50%)

This means if you’re the average, your numbers look like this:

  • You have 50 new clients per month
  • After class 1, you have 25 people left (50% retention after class 1)
  • At the end of the month, you have 6 people left (25% of 25)
  • And 1 year later, you have 2 people left from the original 50 new clients (25% of 6 rounded up)

Assuming this scenario happens every month for 12 months, this means your business growth per 1 year of time is 24 people. (2 people x 12 months)

If the average value per client is $500 = $12,000 per year (24 people x $500)

If the average value per client is $1000 = $24,000 per year (24 people x $1000)

But the story doesn’t end there. Let’s take a look at where your yoga business could be if you managed to retain more clients. 

  • 50 new students per month
  • 35 left after the first class (70% return rate)
  • 12 people left at the end of the month (retention off of intro 35%)
  • 6 people left 1 year later (50% year over year retention)  This means your potential business growth in 1 year is 72 members (6 people x 12 months)

If the average value per client is $500 = $36000 per year

If the average value per client is $1000 = $72000 per year

And just like that, your yoga studio just became a whole lot more profitable. 

With a retention strategy in place, you can see a 3x increase in profits per year!

Note: if you also increase your first visits to the Yogapreneur Collective’s top performers average of 150 you could see an annual revenue increase of $228,000 or a 10x increase! (Comment below if you’d like help with the math on this) 

Now that you can see that it’s possible, let’s dive right into how you can go about increasing your baseline and client retention. 

How to Retain Clients at Your Yoga Studio

Now that you know just how profitable your yoga business could become, how do you go about retaining clients? Here are a few strategies that could change the game for your studio: 

Know How to Sell Your Intro

When you’re selling your intro to prospective clients, use the line, “What most people do…”. This is a psychological tactic that encourages people to follow the crowd. Their thought pattern goes something like this – if most people do it, it must be the most logical choice. 

You’ll then need to briefly explain your intro pass to the potential client, and then say nothing else until they’ve given you a response. The trick here is to offer no other options until you’ve heard from the prospective client. All you need to do is wait and listen. This is a magic trick you can thank us for later!

Make Their First Experience Memorable

There are a few ways to make your yoga classes memorable. The first is to welcome your yogis warmly, making them all feel appreciated for showing up. You can then casually inform them about any details they may need to know about (time changes of future classes, upcoming events, how and when classes are paid for). 

Bringing psychology back into the conversation, giving someone something for free makes them more likely to give you something back in return. First-time clients should be given something, such as free rental of a yoga mat, or access to amenities. This increases the chance that they will give you something in return, in this case, their business.

Acquire Contact Details

It’s important to get the contact details of potential yogis. This way it’s easier to market your yoga studio to people who are already interested. You can also send out reminders when your classes are happening, or with their permission, add them to groups to get notified of specials. 

This is also a constant reminder to your potential client that you exist. And if they enjoyed their first experience at your yoga studio, they’re sure to be back soon. 

Follow Up with Potential Yoga Clients

Once you have the potential yogis details, you can send them a message after their first class. You can thank them for joining you as well as sending them a list of class times for future reference. This will leave them with that warm fuzzy feeling inside and keep your yoga studio at the back of their minds. 

If they truly enjoyed your yoga class, this personal touch will bring them back again and again. People gravitate to places that make them feel cared for and seen. So if nothing else, be that place for your clients. 

Offer a Variety of Classes

If you only offer one type of yoga class, in which students are required to do the same yoga flows week after week, it’s unlikely that clients will stay for too long. Why would they stay when they’re not learning anything new? 

For this reason, it’s a good idea to offer a variety of classes. Whether this is simply mixing up yoga flows, or offering different types of yoga, a variation is so important. This way students can keep learning and growing in their yoga practice and stay for the ride, becoming loyal yogis at your yoga studio. 

The Long and the Short of Retaining Clients

It costs your yoga studio five times more to acquire a new client than to retain a client that has already stepped foot inside the door. So while prospecting clients is important, the real money is made when you learn how to retain them. 

All you have to do is: 

  • Know how to sell your intro
  • Make the first experience memorable
  • Acquire contact details
  • Follow up with potential yogis
  • Offer a variety of classes

Simple yoga studio marketing tactics can prevent you from allowing all those $$ to slip through your hands. Start implementing your retention strategy to increase your bottom line today!

If you’re ready to create insane, bottom-line busting marketing strategies that sell more yoga in 2022, check out the 2021 Yoga Business Summit in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. We’ll spend 7 days and 6 nights refining your core messaging, creating a plan to sell more yoga, and designing strategies that benefit your studio – and your sanity – years into the future. 

This year’s summit is designed to help you navigate the upcoming industry changes to positively impact your bottom line. 

Take me to the summit!

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The Biggest Yoga Business Prospecting Mistake (and what to do instead!)

The Biggest Yoga Business Prospecting Mistake (and what to do instead!)

Owning a yoga business means that you wear a lot of hats. You’re likely a teacher, a marketer, a salesperson, and more. But how do you sell more yoga when the competition seems endless and you don’t know where your new students are hiding?

The short answer: You need to prospect. 

The long answer: You need to create content that sells people on your studio before they ever walk in the door. 

This means taking inventory of your mindset and your resources before digging into your concentrated marketing and prospecting efforts so that you can reach your ideal customers in an impactful way. 

What is Prospecting – and Why is it Important?

Prospecting is one of the first steps in your sales process. It is the step in which you identify and reach potential customers. 

You might create a database of prospects and then communicate with them intentionally, like in an email list or by calling them, or you may prospect by simply getting your name out there – often on social media, paid ads, or by showing up to local events. 

There are a TON of ways to prospect, and depending on your yoga studio’s goals, they might be completely different from the studio down the street. Remember, there’s more competition in the wellness industry now than ever before. This means it’s more important than ever to prospect with intention and to consistently advertise and prospect.

Prospecting is important because it helps give people a public opinion of your yoga business – and drives them to want to be a part of it! It will ultimately drive more people to visit your studio, sign up for classes, and stay a part of your community for a long time. 

See our video on our Prospecting Funnel Lab from the 2019 Yoga Business Summit here! ⤵️

This information was originally presented at the 2019 Yoga Business Summit. For more incredible yoga business marketing content, check out this year’s Yoga Business Summit, October 10-16, 2021 in Puerto Morelos, Mexico.

Step 1: Get in a prospecting mindset

When it comes to prospecting for your yoga business, you might be stuck for a few reasons. Maybe your current strategy isn’t working, or you might not even have a strategy. The good news is, every yoga studio owner has access to powerful marketing platforms. The tools are available to us for very little cost and are easier to use than ever before. 

You CAN get your message out, and you CAN do it with very little money upfront. 

When you combine this with powerful content, people not only come into your studio, but they arrive as a higher-quality prospect.

AND you have every reason to expect that you’re going to retain them — especially if you start to implement the information from my last email about how to grow a million-dollar studio through retention mastery.

So, as you work on your prospecting mindset, think of it as a fun way to connect with your future clients. You get to create a yoga marketing strategy that fits your budget, is on-brand for your studio, and brings in future clients that you’re going to LOVE working with!

Step 2: Understand your yoga studio marketing budget

If you’re unsure of where to start with your prospecting funnels or heck, maybe you don’t even have prospecting funnels on your radar (yet)…

Start with something simple, like determining your marketing budget (get your calculator ready!).

To calculate your annual yoga studio marketing budget, follow these simple steps:

1.What is your annual projected gross revenue? You can answer this for the current year, or if you’re already planning for next year, use those numbers. Remember, revenue is your top-line income, also referred to as total sales.

In this example, let’s say that the top-line revenue for Studio A is expected to be $500,000 for the current year. 

2. Calculate 7% of your projected gross revenue. This is a low-end budget that we’ll apply in step 4.

$500,000 * .07 = $35,000

3. Calculate 10% of your projected gross revenue. This is a high-end marketing budget that we’ll apply in step 4.

$500,000 *.10 = $50,000

4. Decide what you can spend within your low-end to high-end range.

Next year’s marketing budget is $35,000-$50,000

You might be thinking, “That’s A LOT of money! Why do I really need this budget for my yoga studio?!

Great question. We’ve worked with hundreds of studios all over the world, and customer behavior is constantly changing. You will need to market strategically and intentionally to ensure that your marketing budget is building your business, not a red line item in your balance sheet. 

Which leads us to step 3…

Step 3: Get into your ideal students’ heads

Before you spend a cent of your marketing budget, it’s important to understand who you’re marketing to. 

First, you should take some time to decide who your ideal audience is. This might mean doing some market research on who lives near your studio, who is already visiting your studio and even look into the analytics of who visits your website or social media accounts. 

Once you understand who you’re marketing to, you can create a comprehensive, long-term strategy. Your strategic plan might include ongoing initiatives, like a referral campaign, regular social media posts, and more. It may also include one-time events that drive people to your studio. 

As you create your marketing plan, it is wise to work with a yoga business coach to ensure that your plans are airtight. 

Your marketing plan will help you:

  • Get in front of people in the research phase. People don’t just walk into studios anymore. They look on Google, Instagram, and ask their friends. They encounter studios that host Yoga In the Park events, or that advertise at their local farmer’s market. 
  • Meet people where they are. Hey, people are lazy. Our brains are trained not to listen when there’s too much noise, which means it takes a LOUD marketing strategy to get people to tune in. 
  • Inform your buyers. People LOVE to be informed. That means they’ll vet your business online before they even consider visiting. 
  • Eliminate price objections. If sales is hard, don’t make it harder on yourself by not telling people what value they get and at what price point. People could sign up for an online yoga class, or go to YouTube. Use your marketing budget to show people why your studio is worth it!

In other words, you need your marketing budget and plan to get you in front of the right people and to be top of mind. 

Step 4: Start prospecting and selling more yoga!

Once you have your budget squared away and a plan in place, it’s time to start prospecting!

Remember, prospecting is identifying and reaching potential customers. Get your retention strategies dialed in first, then implement funnels to bring in more new students.

Because when you have proven retention mastery strategies to keep them around, prospecting funnels won’t be a waste of your energy or money! They will be a highly intelligent — and crucial — element of your marketing budget.

The Bottom Line

When you get your prospecting funnels on point with high-quality content, you will:

  • Get more new students in the door
  • Create insane brand awareness
  • Increase your revenue (especially when combined with all your retention strategies)
  • Become the authority in your market so even your competition is watching you

If you’re ready to create insane, bottom-line busting marketing strategies that sell more yoga in 2022, check out the 2021 Yoga Business Summit in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. We’ll spend 7 days and 6 nights refining your core messaging, creating a plan to sell more yoga, and designing strategies that benefit your studio – and your sanity – years into the future. 

This year’s summit is designed to help you navigate the upcoming industry changes to positively impact your bottom line. 

Take me to the summit! Click here.

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