Welcome to the Digital Yoga Era

Welcome to the Digital Yoga Era

We are in a special time right now – The Digital Yoga Era. Many consumers aren’t comfortable with in-person class yet. You have an exciting opportunity to meet the needs of your community AND increase sales by expanding into the virtual market. 

Truth →  Regardless if you like or dislike Virtual Yoga, clients expect the option.

The data shows now, more than ever, people want a digital option.  Everything has gone digital. Yoga is no exception. Your members want on demand yoga. They want to pick and choose what they practice, and customize an experience for their interests. In fact, they expect it.

You can’t approach sales thinking “everyone wants the in-person element.” Although it may be true in some cases, you need to nurture all of your members’ needs. Not everyone can attend in-person classes right now and not everyone feels safe doing so.

It’s time to adapt to the current climate!

Digital yoga is life changing

Getting your members to show up for a yoga class in the studio is a big ask. They have to schedule it, drive across town, park, change, and get to the mat on time. By comparison, digital yoga seems like a small ask. You may think potential members will jump on it without much guidance… but that’s simply not true. 

Truth → Digital yoga is still a BIG ask. 

Think about it. Each member still has to make time in their schedule, change and get ready. They don’t have to drive, but they have to get off the couch and find a calm space in their home away from their kids, spouse, parents, roommates or whoever for 30-90 minutes. I don’t know about you, but for many of us, that’s actually harder than driving away for an hour or two.

Truth → Your community NEEDS yoga, whether they know it or not.

Your digital yoga can change someone’s life. Your digital studio could be what a busy parent needs to find peace in their day. It could be what an isolated individual needs to get human interaction. It could be what a person who travels often needs to stay grounded and have a sense of normalcy. 

Have you reinvented your virtual sales funnel? 

An effective digital sales funnel leads people into your online classroom, one step at a time. Does your website guide potential members to digital studio options, or is virtual yoga an afterthought? 

Truth → It’s up to you to guide potential members to the classes they need. 

Bring your yoga studio into alignment with the current marketing by emphasizing the value digital yoga classes have to offer. Create a membership for potential clients who are only interested in virtual right now and sell it with confidence. 

Truth → Digital yoga isn’t a lesser option; it’s a necessary one. 

Members won’t purchase your digital studio options unless YOU believe in them. Make your digital studio something you can be proud of with curated videos and content that enhances your members lives. A good digital studio can even boost in-person membership sales. Don’t cut corners. 

Take a look in the mirror

Maybe your digital game isn’t quite on point. Take a breath, IT’S OK! We knew this time was coming, but it came much quicker than expected. The important thing is that you take a good hard look at your digital marketing strategy and see if it is living up to its potential. 

Truth → Digital literacy is important no matter what type of studio you run. 

In the past, studios could get by from just face-to-face interaction. Things have changed. You need to be able to pivot into a digital world, or risk disappearing. Recognize where the yoga and fitness industry is going and take action. Not sure where to start? We can help!

Get your digital game on point! For help optimizing your virtual sales funnel to suit your studio, join a FREE Strategy Session with me. 

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Want to motivate your staff? Remind them WHY they love yoga!

Want to motivate your staff? Remind them WHY they love yoga!

Getting a well-trained, amped up yoga studio staff can feel frustrating and sometimes even a bit impossible. As the saying goes, “Good help is hard to find” … but where did all those good people go?

Truth →  They’re still right here!

Yoga in North America began as individual teachers leading classes in church basements and community centers. It was very individualized, and students would come to know and follow a teacher and their brand. Yoga only grew into a studio model over time.

Right now, there’s a trend you might have noticed. Individual yoga teachers build their own brands, rather than buying into the studio’s — > essentially returning to the way it was before, consciously or unconsciously.

The problem is this. Very few yogis who work on their own thrive as yogis in a studio community. The reverse is also true. Studios without a dedicated team on board struggle.

We NEED each other!

When you and your staff are on the same page, it’s best for EVERYONE. The challenge is getting there!

Studio owners with well-trained staff make more money, change more lives and have more free time. They can step away from the business for a day off or a vacation and know the systems they’ve put in place are being followed.

Your staff is an extension of you and your studio — > especially when you’re not there. Your teachers are each student’s primary contact point. They provide the curated yoga experience that keeps students coming back.

It’s essential you’re all on the same page!

Passion drives Performance

You didn’t start a yoga studio as some kind of get-rich-quick scheme. You built it to change lives.You saw the benefits of yoga in your own life and wanted to share those benefits with others. 

Your passion and vision drive everything you do in the studio. When things get hard, you remember WHY you got into the yoga studio business in the first place. This gives you the motivation to press on.

Truth → It’s the same for your staff.

Most staff believe in yoga, but get distracted along the way. They continue to teach because they like the free yoga and hanging out at the studio, but they’re not focused on the passion that brought them there.

They’re not eating, sleeping and breathing yoga like you are. Between working other jobs and only teaching a few classes a week, it’s easy to forget.

Find their why

Worried that your staff aren’t engaging with your students? Concerned because they’re not talking about membership to people or promoting the intro offer or following your systems? Maybe their heart just isn’t in it.

Try this → Remind your staff WHY they wanted to work at your studio in the first place.

Helping your staff find their why is the MOST IMPORTANT part of training. You cannot spend too much time on it! 

Ask your staff “Why did you become a yoga teacher?” Get them to really think about their personal mission and write it down. Talk with them about what they hope to accomplish. Talk about what they want to give to their students.

Help your staff condense their why into a single, powerful sentence. 


  • I teach yoga to help people find inner peace.
  • I help students with their back pain, because yoga made a huge difference to mine.
  • Yoga freed me from anxiety, and I want that freedom for others.

Whatever their personal mission, help your staff to articulate it. Your goal is for your team to believe again in the power of yoga and their role in bringing it to students. Focus on reminding them of their own why.

PRO TIP: Write down the WHYs of your core staff so you can remind and support them whenever they need it.

Anchored in your why

No one can reach their full potential without knowing what drives them. Spend as much time on this as your staff needs. Make sure they’ve convinced themselves and are amped up about your mission and their role in your studio.

Truth → Your staff won’t be able to sell effectively unless they’re anchored in their why.

Help your staff connect with their WHY and then share yours. Guide them into your vision for the studio. Share your mission, what you hope to accomplish, and ways you see growth happening in the studio.

Look for how your core values and the values of your staff align.

Once you’ve solidified your staff’s motivation, you are ready to discuss specific sales strategies and role play to help them understand the systems you’ve worked on. Center them in their why FIRST.

For more advice on training strategies, or anything else your studio is facing, join me during a FREE Strategy Session! I’ll give you – and a small group of other studio owners – concrete, actionable advice so you can tackle the challenges you’re facing RIGHT NOW! Take the next step for your business. Sign up today!

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What does your pricing say about your yoga studio?

What does your pricing say about your yoga studio?

Pricing sends a clear message to your potential students. It either says your yoga studio is worth their time and attention or it doesn’t.

On some level, all of us are suspicious of something that’s “too good of a deal.” We wonder if something that much cheaper can possibly be as good.

Imagine you see two pairs of black heels sitting on a shelf – one priced $180 and one $40. You’re naturally going to wonder why. If you’re honest, on some level you will think the expensive pair is better, based only on the price difference.

Studio pricing is the same way. If you’re like most studio owners, you picked some numbers based on competitors in your market or what sounded right. You probably didn’t focus too much on strategy or planning. That’s how I started out too. DON’T STAY THERE!

Approach your pricing futuristically. What do you want your pricing to create for you? What story do you want to tell about your business?

Tweaking your pricing can make a HUGE difference in your yoga studio’s success in the long-term. Too often we keep doing something because it’s the way it’s always been done, or the transition seems overwhelming. We might even be worried about our existing students and how they will feel about a change in pricing. 

Truth → Pricing is the supporting structure of your sales process!

Strategic pricing funnels your students (and your business) toward success. If your pricing isn’t in alignment, your intro pipeline won’t be as effective and your sales process will be much harder.  

What do your students need?

START WITH YOUR STUDENTS. What’s best for them? When someone asks you what they need to do to be successful at your studio, what do you tell them? How do you guide them?

Without a doubt – no matter what their goal – the answer is always frequency. The rest will fall into place, as long as they show up.

If frequency is what they need, why are you selling them something different?

Barely using their 10-pack in the three months before it expires – or casually dropping in – is the opposite of what someone needs when they come to you. To achieve goals like stress reduction, increased flexibility or a more fit body, your students need a regular practice of 2-3x a week. 

Sell them consistency… NOT YOUR DROP IN!

Without consistency they won’t get the results they need or experience the full value of your studio. You have a moral obligation to sell them something better.

Use the pricing of your drop in to talk about your studio’s value, not to fill classes. 

Your drop in sets the bar for the value of a class at your studio. Without having to do any math or think too hard, new students know exactly how much value your class is offering. It should be high.

If you’re selling a drop in that’s not much higher than a big box gym’s yoga class, you’re saying something. You’re telling new students that your studio isn’t really any better at yoga than that big gym.

Truth → Make your drop in price as high as possible. You don’t want to sell it!

Change the narrative. No markets in the United States or Canada should have drop in rates cheaper than $20. In many areas drop ins as high as $30 are standard now. Also… don’t put a link to purchase a drop in on your website. If they want to pay for a drop in, make them actually drop in!

Make your promotional conversation about your intro offer!

Whenever someone new comes in, the only thing you should be talking about is the intro offer. Keep it simple and don’t give them any other options unless they ask for them.

Try something like this:

  •  “What most people do is…”
  •  “Let’s set you up with our intro so you get…”
  •  “When you do the intro today you’ll get…”

Most intro offers last two weeks to a month. This gives newbies a chance to get to know your studio and experience the value you offer. It’s your chance to make them members.

Truth → Your intro offer is the BEST option for new students! Sell it that way.

It needs to be a no-brainer. The best ratio for your intro offer price is 2x your drop in or ½ the price of your monthly membership. That way, if they come in looking for a drop-in class it’s an easy sell, and when they’re done it’s easy to get them on your autopay.  

You need to frequently and clearly communicate your value. Give them enough time to try out your classes and get the flavor of your studio but leave them wanting more. They’re not sold on your studio yet. They’re trying it out.

This is your chance to make them fall in love with your studio and turn them into members.

Use strategic pricing to get your students what they need – FREQUENCY. Get new students on the intro offer and existing students on the autopay. They’ll be encouraged to show up often and your cash-flow will be more stable. Everyone wins!

When your pricing clearly communicates what you want them to do, and where your value lies, they’ll naturally make the right decisions.

Overwhelmed by pricing? You’re not alone. Talk out your studio’s situation and get specific guidance with a FREE Strategy Session. Book yours today!

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What does it mean to be “yoga tough” in 2021?

What does it mean to be “yoga tough” in 2021?

No one could have predicted 2020. But it happened. Parts of it are still happening. Parts that affect all facets of your life – and your yoga business. You’ve been tested. But you’ve survived – and even thrived – despite all 2020 threw at you. 

Moving forward in 2021 means remembering one thing… 

You are yoga tough. 

What does yoga tough look like? Yoga tough is resilience. It’s stoicism. Yoga tough looks like you making it work – even now. 

You know that pit every entrepreneur gets in their stomach when things are good, but they worry about what will happen when they’re not? That pit has changed to worrying because things are tough right now. And you don’t know when (or if) they’ll get better. 

Truth→ We’ve gone through the fastest, most drastic consumer change we’ve ever seen. 

That means business had to change. Quickly. You had to be nimble, you had to be creative. You had to be brave. Times are tough. But you are tougher. Let’s talk about what it looks like to be yoga tough in 2021.  

Remember why you started your business in the first place.  

Why did you open a yoga studio? You fell in love with practicing which led to taking your practice deeper and training to teach. That still didn’t feel like quite enough. You wanted to change lives through yoga. Your way. So you opened a studio where you could do just that. 

You believed in yourself. You believed in your ability to change lives. And you succeeded. 

It was that level of belief that helped you succeed. And it’s that same level of belief that will allow you to move forward. Yoga strong.  

Recognize a fundamental change has occurred. 

You and your business are focused on health. Personal health matters. Inclusive personal health – physical, mental, and emotional health. 

We all know how important it is to be healthy. But… 

Truth→ If you know something to be true, but don’t need to change it… you won’t. 

Right now, if a person is overweight, obese, diabetic, or overstressed, they are in danger. This pandemic has shone a light on what it can mean to be unhealthy. 

More people are realizing that taking care of their health needs to be a priority. And those people are willing to pay for fitness. 

There has been a shift to preventive care. Away from just treating the symptoms. And yoga can be part of the answer. Yoga can help someone manage their weight. It can absolutely help someone manage their stress. 

You need to communicate how yoga can help. How YOU can help. 

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Marketing is about repetition. You need to share your message – the same message – over and over in order to reach your target market. To get them to act. 

Marketing experts used to say a consumer needed to see a message an average of seven times before they would take action. Not anymore.

Truth→  Google now reports it takes anywhere from 34 to as much as 150 messages to reach consumers.  

Whoa. 150 messages? 

Yep. Think about it. There are so many messages coming at us every day. Your brain is smart. It adapts to all the noise by simply tuning much of it out. 

So what can you do to reach your target audience? 

Start communicating sooner than ever before. 

The starting line of communication with a prospect used to be when they walked into the studio to take a class. 

Not anymore. 

That first moment of connection building is moving WAY up. It may be as much as 6 months or more before they actually come to your studio. 

You need to move the timeline of providing value way up, too! Show them your heart, demonstrate the value you offer, give your awesomesauce away BEFORE they visit! 

By the time people come into your studio, you’ve already sold them based on all the communication and connection that came before. Now your job is pretty simple. 

Don’t mess it up! 

Make sure you deliver on all the value you’ve sold them. What they experience needs to match who you were and what you did during the pre-visit time. 

How are you and your studio going to be “yoga tough” in 2021?

Running a successful, profitable yoga studio in 2021 is possible. Get comfortable sharing your message and your value – a LOT! Make 2021 the start of an exciting new chapter in your studio’s story.  

For more super relevant information and tools you need to run your studio, combined with the knowledge of our expert coaches and dedicated yogis check out the Yogapreneur Collective! Run an insanely profitable studio so you can change more lives (and earn a real paycheck)!

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How to build your dream team to help run your dream studio.

How to build your dream team to help run your dream studio

A lot has changed in the past year and you’ve had to change with it. You’ve adapted to the virtual studio and now have a larger online presence… And you’re crushing it! 

One thing that hasn’t changed is the need to assemble a kick-butt team to help you run your dream studio. 

Truth → You can’t run your dream studio alone. 

You’re the one who put in the time and effort and took the risk. This is YOUR dream.

But you can’t do it alone. And you shouldn’t do it alone! How boring is that?! 

Truth → To take your dream to the next level you need to build your dream team. 

There are some very real steps you need to take to build your dream team. 

1. DEFINE what your dream team looks like.

Most yogis didn’t do this when they started out. At first you’re just happy to have some help. As you grow you get to be more picky about who joins your team.

Truth → Now it’s time to identify who EXACTLY fits into your vision for your team. 

This means you need to sit down and clearly define some things: 

Why does your studio exist?

You already know this, but it’s always good to revisit. 

For example… If you went into business to just make some money by running classes it really doesn’t matter who you bring onboard as long as they can run a class and not say anything offensive.

But… If you went into business to change lives through yoga then it absolutely matters who comes along with you on your journey. 

Only you know the answer to this question. 

What types of classes and activities do you want to offer? Will you offer something for everyone or are you going to specialize in certain areas?

What types of people will this require? Will you need someone who has broad experience and can teach a variety of classes or someone who is more advanced and teaches one specific class?

Truth → The most successful studios nailed down what their next hires will be like early. 

Once you’ve defined what your dream team looks like… 

2. Recruit the people that fit your vision. 

If you were building a log cabin you’d go find someone who is awesome at building log cabins. If you wanted to build a traditional house you’d get someone who does that. 

The builder matters. He or she is the person who helps you get what you want. 

Truth → The people you recruit will either help or hurt you in reaching your goals. 

This means you have to be intentional about where you look

Here are some places to find the best people for your vision:

  • Have a ‘careers’ section on your website. This is the FIRST place you should consider. This helps you NOW and in the future because you’ll have a reserve of applications to look back on later. 
  • Websites with yoga instructor registries (these will depend on your location so Google it and you’ll find some great sites). 
  • Reach out to other studios and/or instructors and let them know the type of people you’re looking for. 
  • Use social media to post ads (check out Facebook Ads).
  • Your own contacts – they already know somebody who fits your needs. 

You also have to be intentional in who you look at

Truth → As a business owner you are in charge of your brand. 

You will find “qualified” candidates who just don’t vibe with what you’re wanting to do in business. Don’t be afraid of turning away good people who don’t fit your vision. 

Truth → Who you hire is an exact representation of who you are as a business. 

At the end of the day, you want to be SUPER PROUD and 100% COMFORTABLE with your team. These are the people that you are going to journey with as you pursue your dream! 

As you’re recruiting the people who fit your vision for your studio…

3. Motivate your team as they join you on your journey. 

Most people don’t just want a job – they want to be part of something bigger than themselves. You can give them THAT! 

Truth → Your product is your team.

You might think your product is a yoga class but it’s not. Your product is your team, along with the community and experience you offer them. If your members just wanted any yoga class they’d have their pick of free yoga classes online. They choose your studio to interact with your team. 

Keep your team motivated and present so they can give their best to your members. There are some concrete ways you can do that:

  • Set clear expectations. Work is more fun when you know what is expected from you. 
  • Create systems to keep your team accountable. Peer reviews and quarterly performance reviews are great tools for this! 
  • Get to know your team. Everyone feels more appreciated when someone makes the time to get to know them.
  • Communicate regularly with your team. Weekly meetings – no longer than 30 minutes – are one way to stay in touch with your team. Another great way is quick check-ins through email or instant messaging. 
  • Harness the experience of your team members. They have good ideas and they’ll feel even more connected to their work – your business! 

It’s always important to keep your team motivated, but…

Truth → Right now it’s especially important to keep your team motivated. 

You’re not seeing each other as much these days because so much is being done online. You’re also asking your team to do things they haven’t done before.

Don’t lose sight of this critical step in building your dream team. 

Truth → The difference between having “employees” and having a “team” is MOTIVATION. 

The final step you can take in building your dream team is to become a member of another dream team – the Yogapreneur Collective. 

At the Yogapreneur Collective we want to help YOU stay motivated. 

As a member of the YC you will join an awesome team of yogapreneurs just like you who are striving to build their dream teams to help run their dream studios! 

Check out the Yogapreneur Collective where you’ll find more super relevant information and the tools you need to run your studio, combined with the knowledge of our expert coaches and dedicated yogis.

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Use Facebook ads to up-level your yoga studio

Use Facebook ads to up-level your yoga studio

Are your members and prospects online? Do they spend time on social media? Silly questions, right? Of course they’re online and of course they’re on social media! And they’re on now more than ever before. That’s why having a presence on social media is critical for small businesses. That includes yoga studios like yours. And one of the most profitable social media platforms to be a part of is Facebook. 

You probably have a Facebook page for your yoga studio. Most businesses have one. It’s a smart thing to do. You can share information and connect with visitors to your page. But is that as far as it goes?

Truth → It’s not enough to have a Facebook business page.

It’s time to realize your Facebook page can only do so much. There’s a problem with only having a page – you’re stuck waiting for people to come to you. 

Facebook’s algorithms are always changing. Organic reach and engagement has recently hit an all time low.  

You need to go out there and grab people who don’t know you… yet. And who don’t know how fabulous you and your yoga studio are... yet. 

But how? 

Use Facebook ads to take your yoga studio to the next level in 2021! 

Imagine a place where you can introduce your yoga studio to others, invite them in, and integrate them into the flow of your studio’s culture. That place is Facebook ads.

Truth → With Facebook Ads, you don’t have to wait for people to come to you. 

With ads you can:

  • Reach thousands more people 
  • Reach new people who are actually part of your target audience
  • Stop relying on word of mouth
  • Increase engagement and web traffic
  • Increase brand awareness and authority 

Sounds pretty great, right? 

Be proactive. Get in the driver’s seat. Decide what people see and when they see it. Use Facebook ads as part of your plan to take charge of your business in 2021 and make things happen! 

Truth → You have work to do before you place your first Facebook ad. 

Don’t just jump in and start placing Facebook ads. Take the time to develop a strategy and plan – just like you do with any other marketing effort. 

Wondering where to start? Wonder no more. Follow this pre-ad building checklist to make setting up your ad a breeze! 

  1. What are your goals?

What do you want your ads to accomplish? Are you introducing your yoga studio to people who don’t know about you? Are you introducing new programs or special offers? Think about what end result you want – and drive the rest of the planning toward it.

  1. What is your budget? 

Facebook ads can be expensive. But knowing how much you have to spend before you start writing and placing ads will keep you within a budget that’s comfortable for you. An effective budget for a brick-and-mortar studio is $500-$800. 

  1. How long will your ads run?

How long do you want to run this campaign? Go back to the goal you set. If you’re talking about building awareness, a longer campaign might be more effective. But if you’re advertising a special offer or new programming, your campaign will likely be shorter, with more ads placed in a shorter time frame. 

  1. Who is your audience?

Who do you want to reach with your ads? Think about who you are trying to bring into your studio. Are they young professionals, busy moms, older people? Do you want to attract people new to yoga or experienced yogis looking for a different type of experience? 

  1. Where do you want your ads?

Where do you want your ads to show up? You can choose automatic or manual placements as well as whether your ad will appear to only mobile or desktop users or both. Keep your target audience in mind when deciding. 

  1. Prepare media elements

Now is the time to get the photos you want to use ready. If you’re going to use videos, make sure you have subtitles ready. Standout media photos and videos will draw viewers attention. 

  1. Write ad copy

Prepare your ad copy for each ad. Not comfortable with writing? This is something you may want to outsource – ad copy is important to ad success. 

  1. Choose CTAs and URL links 

Again keeping your goal in mind, make sure your ad includes CTAs that will help accomplish that goal. Sign up for a free trial. Learn more about a new program. And make sure your ad includes the correct links – visitors who click on the URL should land exactly where you want them to be. 

You’ve done the planning. Now you’re ready to create your first ad! 

Changing lives is why you’re in business. Getting more people into your studio and practicing yoga regularly has loads of benefits for your community. Not only are your members feeling better, they’re able to spread their skills further with increased positivity, better health and more productivity. 

Truth → Facebook ads will support your goal to change lives.

We want to help you change even more lives. That’s why we created the Yogapreneur Collective.

As a member of the YC you will have access to a wealth of information to help you with all aspects of running your yoga studio. Training opportunities abound as you learn from some of the absolute best in the business who are rocking it! 

We know how important community is. As a member of the YC, you will also be connected to other yogis who are moving in the same direction as you are. 

Check out the Yogapreneur Collective where you’ll find more super relevant information and the tools you need to run your studio, combined with the knowledge of our expert coaches and dedicated yogis.

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Now’s the time to get TikTok famous!

Now’s the time to get TikTok famous!

Have you seen it? 

Nathan Apodaca (a.k.a. @420DoggFace208) riding his skateboard to work one day. Well, not just riding. Vibing! And recording. 

The finished product? A video of Nathan riding along and drinking cranberry juice paired with a well-known song. Just a regular dude doing something ordinary, yet somehow different. 

Then… BOOM 💣 IT. BLEW. UP.

Since then he’s been joined in more videos by Ocean Spray execs and members of Fleetwood Mac – the product and musical artist featured in his video. 

Now they’re all TikTok Famous. 

Truth → It’s time for your studio to get TikTok famous. 

And it can happen in the blink of an eye! 

What is TikTok and who hangs out there? 

TikTok is a social media platform that moves at crazy speeds. With over 800 million users in 150+ countries the potential for your content to BLOW UP is very real. 

Truth → Your clients – the ones you have and the ones you want – are already on TikTok.

TikTok isn’t just the place where your niece watches the latest dance challenges. 

  • 31% of TikTok users are ages 18-24.
  • 43% of TikTok users are ages 25-54.

Truth →TikTok users are an untapped audience for you and your studio.

TikTok isn’t just another social media platform. It’s the go-to platform of the future.

  • 35% of TikTok users are NOT on Facebook.
  • 40% of TikTok users are NOT on Instagram.
  • 61% of TikTok users are NOT on Twitter.
  • 66% of TikTok users are NOT on Pinterest.

There is amazing potential to connect with people who don’t even know you exist right now – but can in a very short time! The value of TikTok to your studio is off the charts.

How can your studio be TikTok Famous?

Get started by creating an account – if you don’t already have one. 

Head over to tiktok.com and join their massively growing community. You can sign up through Google, Facebook or a number of other platforms you’re already part of. 

Get familiar with the vibe of TikTok. 

Spend some time flipping through the “For You” section – it’s the first thing you see when you open the app. 

You’ll quickly see that this is a place where creativity and fun combine to create a positive user experience. 

Check out some of the trending hashtags that relate to your business – 

  • #yoga
  • #fitness
  • #wellness

The yoga community is growing on TikTok but there’s not a lot of superpowers in this space yet. That’s a HUGE PLUS for yoga studio owners… LIKE YOU! 

Now it’s time to start creating content! 

TikTok makes it super easy to create and edit content. 

Start your path to TikTok stardom by choosing one of the four main types of video types to begin with… 

1 – “How To” –  Demonstrate how to do a certain stretch or pose. 

TikTok is quickly becoming a place where people go for information. If you’ve ever YouTubed “how to change a headlight,” imagine someone TikToking, “How to do downward facing dog correctly.” 

2 – “Feats” – Show off one of your amazing skills, or feats. 

People doing really cool stuff is always a recipe for success! 

Truth →Your “feats” video doesn’t have to be something NO ONE ELSE can do – just something amazing YOU CAN DO REALLY WELL.  

3 – “Routines” – Demonstrate a routine that you do every day.

Imagine creating a video that shows your morning stretch routine or a set of yoga poses that you do to start every day. It’s simple but helpful to the person who needs to add some structure to their fitness life. 

4 – Trending – Join in on TikTok trends.

Not all TikToks have to be original. Keep up on current trends among TikTok users. You’ll want to jump in and re-create them in a way that only you can – inspired by your own unique personality. 

Which video type will you choose to start your path to TikTok stardom? 

You can, and should, use them all eventually. Begin by picking the one that resonates with you the most right now. 

Truth → You are ready to begin creating your own TikToks. 

What to keep in mind when seeking TikTok fame. 

Be authentic. TikTok is a place for people to be real. Just be yourself and you will do great. There are millions of people who will relate to you. 

Be creative. TikTok is a place for you to unleash your creative genius. The more creative your content, the greater potential you have to reach a large audience. 

Keep it UNprofessional. TikTok is a place where amateurs can become famous! The tools you need to create amazing content are available right in the app. Simply add your amazing personality and your love for yoga. 

Don’t make ads, make TikToks. TikTok is a place where ads don’t feel like ads. An advertisement about your class schedule will probably not play well on TikTok, but talking about your love for yoga and passion to change lives will

Truth → There is a community of people who want to cheer you on! 

Now you’re ready to be TikTok Famous! While you can “go your own way,” things are always more fun when done in community. 

Check out the Yogapreuer Collective where you’ll find more super relevant information and tools you need to run your studio, combined with the knowledge of our expert coaches and dedicated yogis.

Run an insanely profitable studio so you can change more lives (and earn a real paycheck)!

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Plan on having a hyper-profitable 2021.

Plan on having a hyper-profitable 2021.

This year is coming to an end. Thankfully. It’s time to start looking forward. Making plans. Setting goals. Something about a new year makes you examine all the parts of your life. Don’t forget to take a good, hard look at your business, too! 

Here’s the thing about your business, though. It’s not enough to just look forward to the coming year and dream about what might happen. You need to plan for the coming year and make things happen.

Truth → It’s time to start strategizing for 2021. 

Don’t wait for your business to pick up. Make your business pick up! 

If you want a hyper-profitable yoga studio, you need to take the necessary steps to make that happen.

Truth → NOT having a plan is the #1 cause of stress among yoga studio owners. 

Think there’s a ton of stress and anxiety in the whole planning process? Try creating and implementing an event without a plan. That will take your stress and anxiety to the next level. And stop creativity in its tracks. 

Once you have a written strategy, share it. Get your staff on board. Put it on your calendar and set goals. Bonus – you now have a focus for your marketing. 

Planning helps you focus on one thing at a time and absolutely crush it. 

Eliminate stress in your life and business by creating a plan for 2021! 

Truth → Taking the time to create a plan actually frees up more time later. 

You might think you don’t have time to plan but the exact opposite is true…

You don’t have time to NOT plan. 

Time is one thing we all have equal amounts of. One of the best uses of yours is to plan ahead – now – so that you won’t have to push an event forward later on… under stress. Planning ahead creates space because you won’t be struggling later to “make time” for a specific event. 

Develop your strategy for 2021 

PLAN your event(s). Set aside a day for you and your team to plan events for the coming year. Some ideas will be great, some okay, and others will just make everyone laugh. It’s all good. Just plan. 

PREPARE for the event(s) that end up on your calendar. Start reverse-engineering things. You’ve decided what it is you want to do. Now start laying the groundwork for how you’re going to get there. 

LAUNCH your event(s). You’ve planned and prepared your event – it’s time to launch with confidence. You are ready for this! This is the best part! 

Truth → Your ability to take action in this area will be the difference between KILLING IT IN BUSINESS and killing your dreams of having a successful business

Create events around a pattern that leads to success! 

ATTRACT – Get new students into your studio. Do something as simple as offering a free week – a trial of your studio and classes. Or combine that with a buddy-week where current members bring a friend who then gets a free week. 

Whatever you choose, the key is to get others into and around your business. 

SELL – You’re going to have to sell some stuff. Once you have someone’s attention, you need to offer them something to purchase. 

Your goal after attracting someone’s attention is to get them to buy into your business. 

WOW – Do something that shows off your awesome-sauce. You got someone’s attention. You got them to buy into your business. Now it’s time to take them to the next level and WOW them with one of your offerings. Maybe it’s a workshop geared toward current members where you can show off what sets your studio apart from others? 

This is your chance to show them they’ve made the right move and WOW THEIR SOCKS OFF! 

REFERRALS – Get people talking about your business. If you follow these steps you shouldn’t have to GET people to talk about your business. They’ll already be talking! You will, however, need to provide them space to do it. 

Provide your students space to leave an awesome review on your website or social media sites.

Truth → One of the best plans you can make for 2021 is to become active in a community of Yogapreneurs who are also focused on crushing it! 

The idea of strategic planning for an entire year can be overwhelming. Especially if you’ve never gone through the process before. Don’t let it intimidate you! There is an entire community of passionate people just like you who want to see you succeed in your business. Here you’ll find other Yogapreneurs who have done what you want to do and who can help you along the way. 

Check out the Yogapreneur Collective where you’ll find more super relevant information and the tools you need to run your studio, combined with the knowledge of our expert coaches and dedicated yogis.

Plan on making 2021 your best and most profitable year ever! 

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How to plan your ideal work week and up-level your productivity

How to plan your ideal work week and up-level your productivity

In 2019 you were on the offense. You focused on growing your yoga studio, setting up systems and making brand evangelists. Then COVID-19 hit, social isolation started and the business changed – A LOT.

All the sudden you had to pivot your business model, jump head first into new things like online classes and shifting marketing. It was a challenge, but you made it happen! Your yoga studio is weathering the storm because of your quick thinking and strategic shift. Now it’s time to transition to being fully open. 

Truth → It’s time to go on the offensive again!

You can almost feel it in the ether. People are ready to move forward. We’re talking about reopening, what comes next and how to enjoy the rest of the year. Make sure you haven’t conditioned yourself into a feeling of scarcity. It’s time to look at how to move forward!

Take it one task at a time

Feel like you’re doing too much at once? Overwhelmed by all your tasks and responsibilities? Right now, most people are feeling scattered and that includes business owners. It doesn’t matter how organized you are, we’re all feeling like there’s too much going on… Don’t forget to give yourself space.

Truth → You can’t do it all at once, NO ONE CAN!

Embrace yoga’s philosophical approach to life. You’re most productive when you’re focused on a single thing at any one moment of time. Multitasking will leave you scattered with a to do list that never seems to shrink.

Think of a yoga practice. You have two students. One comes in off-and-on, whenever it works for their schedule, but works really intensely when they’re there. The other works a little less hard but comes in four or five days a week religiously. After a year, which student will have more success? The one who never stops.

Truth → Most successful entrepreneurs block out their time and single-task.

It’s the same with your yoga studio. Trying to do everything at once and hustling like crazy is sometimes necessary, but if that’s your technique for success you’ll burn out.

Instead, set aside time to work on your business, stick to it religiously and accomplish something during those moments you’ll see success. In one session you might feel like you didn’t get everything done, but in the long run you’ll win. That’s the professionals vs. the amateurs. That’s how you deal with overwhelm.

Build your ideal work week

Take the time to build your ideal schedule. Sit down and think about what’s non-negotiable every week and plot it into your calendar. Be realistic about what needs doing and how much time it will take.

You might be thinking “I know I have to have personal time, family time, kid time, work ON my business time, work IN my business time… How do I make all that time fit?” The first step is tracking your time. For one week, write down how you’re spending your time right now so you have something to work with.

Truth → Planning your week starts with knowing yourself!

You’ll see how things have naturally calibrated and it’ll beg the question “Is this a bad time to do that or should I double down on what organically works for me?” This can be very clarifying. Your ideal work week doesn’t have to match anyone else’s as long as you stick to it!

Stick to the plan!

Planning your ideal work week isn’t the hardest part – sticking to it is. Remember, WHY you set up this schedule. If you’re with your kids but thinking about the business you’re not accomplishing anything for the business and you’re not present with your kids. If you’re at your studio and you’re thinking about your kids, you’re not doing a great job for your business and you’re not doing anything for your kids either.

Truth → You need the space to focus on each aspect of your life.

It’s like meal prep. It’s really hard to get into the habit, but once you do everything is easier. Work is done more effectively, you can be fully present with your friends and family and your stress melts away. That’s the joy of a well-balanced life.

Truth → For your ideal week to work, you HAVE to stick to it!

Be dedicated to your schedule. Barring an emergency with your kids or the studio burning down, nothing takes you from that moment of time. That means when you’re at home you can be ALL IN for that moment.

Eliminating this mental division is FUNDAMENTAL for you and your studio! It will ease that feeling of being scattered and reduce your stress. It’s more than getting organized, it’s organizing how you spend your time.

Not sure what to prioritize during your work time? Get the tools you need, combined with the knowledge of our expert coaches and dedicated yogis in the Yogapreneur Collective! Run an insanely profitable studio so you can change more lives (and earn a real paycheck)!

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