Want to create a clear path to autopay for your yoga studio? Here’s how.

Want to create a clear path to autopay for your yoga studio? Here’s how. 

The data is clear. People practice the most yoga while on autopay, even over annual pass holders.

Monthly autopay members feel like they’re part of the group. Seeing that payment come out of their account every month keeps them motivated to show up and get the most for their money.

And it’s not just good for members… studios with a higher number of autopays have a more balanced cash flow and make more money long-term, even over big ticket items like a 20+ pack.

How do you get members on autopay? It comes down to pricing.

People make purchasing decisions when they have clarity about the product they’re getting and are feel confident it’s the best deal for them.

Truth → The most important thing about your pricing is how it guides your students.

You direct your students every day – in and out of class. What would you tell a student coming to you for advice on how to succeed in their yoga practice? No matter what they want from yoga, the path to get it is the same. What do they need?

They need FREQUENCY!

No matter what their goal is – lose weight, gain flexibility, look better in the mirror, peace of mind, decreased stress – the answer is getting on the mat regularly. Don’t sell them anything less.

Position your pricing to help your members succeed!

Direct students to the offers that will help them practice regularly. When they’re new, get them into the intro offer. When they’re established, get them on autopay.

Why don’t class packs work? Students often stretch their class passes out…meaning they only go as often as they need to in order to make sure no visits expire. We see it time and time again. Honestly, this isn’t what’s best for their bodies (or your business) in the long term.

How can you avoid this pitfall? Making your autopay a better option than buying a 10-class pack… especially when they go twice a week.

Your pricing must match what you’re telling students to do!

An unlimited membership encourages students to go more frequently in order to make sure they get a good deal for their money. That means they’re showing up more → and getting better results.  You’re guiding them to achieve their goals and creating brand evangelists – just because you sold them the right offer!

Don’t get me wrong… I’m not saying you shouldn’t sell someone a 10-pack if they want it, but your pricing should be structured away from it. Encourage them to buy the autopay. It will benefit them with frequent practice and benefit you with consistent cash-flow.  

Back up your words with your pricing.

Ultimately, an autopay membership makes the most sense for your members. Get them there with your pricing!

When someone new walks in the door, get them started with your into offer. From the very beginning create a pathway to autopay with a membership option, rather than a class pass.

The intro offer is the start of your sales funnel. Getting newbies on that path is more important than making a ton of money on that initial sale. Make it a no brainer for them. Keep the pricing at double a drop in class and about half your autopay membership.

While we’re on the subject… DON’T SELL YOUR DROP IN. Keep it priced high. Its main purpose is to communicate the value of a single class and guide new students into choosing the intro pass. No one should be buying it, unless they’re in town for their sister’s wedding or a work conference.

Truth → The intro offer is the BEST option for new students. Sell it that way.

Don’t be shy selling your intro offer. You KNOW it’s the best option for your new students and you want them to succeed. That’s the core of what you’re doing.

Convert new students into dedicated members!

It’s not over once they’re in your intro offer. Your end goal is for them to practice regularly at your studio and be on an autopay. To do that, communicate your value to them frequently. Give them a taste of what you have to offer and leave them wanting more.

Make it easy to step into autopay. Remember the pricing guidelines? For double their intro offer they can have all your studio has to offer on a monthly autopay membership. The pricing supports your sale.

Keep the autopay accessible. The price point doesn’t need to be super high for it to be profitable. Think of the cheapest annual membership you’ve sold in the last year. Now divide that by 12 and see how it compares to your autopay. If you start there, you can always raise the prices later.

Truth → Funnel everything into the autopay, unless they ask for something different.

Selling the autopay isn’t much different than selling new students on the intro offer. You’re selling access to the experience your studio offers. The autopay is simply the easiest way to get that experience.

For more tips on how to restructure your pricing and take your studio to the next level, book a FREE Strategy Session today!

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Flighty to Focused – Actually Get Sh!t Done

Flighty to Focused – Actually Get Sh!t Done

As a business owner you’ll have days of overwhelm. When you get to the studio there are a million things to do – it’s hard to know where to start. When this happens, what do you do?

Let me guess… You slowly let it pile on until you freeze. Procrastination leads to more tasks stacking up. 

What’s your method to solve this? Do you have a plan in place? If you’re like most of us yogis at the YC, probably not… IT’S OK!  That’s why we’re talking about it.

Truth → effective business owners don’t fly by the seat of their pants

I can say this because I started off the same way. When my first studio opened I just went with the flow – you’re doing it too. It’s natural to us and part of being a yoga person! 

If you want to get on track, grow your business, and reduce stress →  you have to evolve. I’m not asking you to change who you are… I’m asking you to expand your mind! You’ll need to develop new skills and systems to lessen the load.

Your business should be like your child. It is a part of you, but separate from yourself. Over the years you nurture it, invest in it, and let it grow until it can function without your constant supervision.

Your tool: POWERFUL short term goal setting.

This is hard work. But it pays off in time and money. YOU can learn to break it down, create task lists, and move forward!

Truth → large goals are a sum of many small goals

To start off, set a big goal – something that would take a year or more to achieve. I’ll pick a common one people in the yogapreneur collective choose; doubling a studio’s membership by next year.

This can be overwhelming to achieve by just going with the flow. You have to be intentional to make big changes!

What you can do is break this up into 4 medium-size quarterly goals – uplevel marketing, increase outreach, build an online yoga library, sell memberships to new students, etc. For now, let’s imagine your first smaller goal is to uplevel marketing.

Make that the focus of this quarter. How are you going to do it? Break it into small, manageable tasks. A quarter is 3 months, so pick 3 monthly tasks (1 a month). For example:

Update your facebook page → invest a month to grow your followers (people who like the page)

Upgrade your instagram → get a professional photoshoot (or really good aesthetic photos by you / your team) and post regularly

Find local partners → or brainstorm ways to engage your community. Become a known studio in your city!

After that you can break these down into 4 weekly goals (1 a week) for the month. Let’s play into the instagram example:

Week 1 →  Schedule / prepare for a photoshoot

Week 2 → Visit canva and find some cool instagram templates

Week 3 → Comprise a folder of 20-30 great business photos in template form

Week 4  → Launch first photo and create an instagram schedule with 3 posts a week

From there, break every weekly task into 5 daily tasks (1 per business day). Let’s go with the week 3 example:

Day 1 → Create the folder in g-drive

Day 2→ Edit 10 photos into the template form

Day 3 Edit 10 photos into the template form

Day 4 Edit remaining photos 

Day 5 Organize folder in order of desired posts and brainstorm possible captions

In 1 week you are already closer to your big goal. YOU’RE CRUSHING IT! You’ll feel organized, accomplished, and focused!

Truth → You can crush your goals – no matter what size!

Here’s the flow we just established:

Big Yearly goal → 4 quarterly goals (1 a quarter) 

Quarterly goal → 3 monthly goals (1 a month)

Monthly goal → 4 weekly goals (1 a week)

Weekly goal → 5 daily goals (1 a day)

What we did was just break down one monstrous, seemingly-impossible goal into one easy task a day. YOU CAN DO THIS! Think about what a difference it would make to get out of your head and into a pattern of daily tasks that lead to HUGE goals. 

This is what we’re doing at the YC. We are taking intentional steps – laser focused on growing our business. We are ACTUALLY getting sh!t done! To learn more about the tactics and tools we use for goal setting and task management → join me for a free strategy session.

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How to train studio your staff with transparency

How to train studio your staff with transparency

Running a yoga studio is hard. Your spouse, family and friends may be supportive, but they don’t really get it. Even your staff isn’t always on the same page as you. Your mission drives you…and that’s what makes the difference for your studio.

Helping your staff realize how their personal mission to change lives with yoga intersects with yours as the studio owner is part of training. 

Truth →  You need each other! Yogis aren’t successful outside a community and studios struggle without dedicated and enthusiastic staff.

When you’re on the same page it’s best for EVERYONE, but it’s a challenge to get there! Let’s talk about how you can do it! 

Step One: Connect the team’s WHY with yours

Empowering your staff starts by understanding what their “Why” is. What drew them to yoga in the first place? What has its impact been on them? Why do they want to share it with others?

Ask your staff what they hope to give their students and why they got into the yoga business. You’re learning more about them AND you’re reminding them of their passion. That’s a double win for you! Share your passion and vision for the yoga studio with them. Explore where these ideas intersect. This is how you can build commitment and connection with your team.

We are not effective without knowing what drives us. Without clear motivation your staff can’t sell well, can’t teach to their full potential and won’t be all in for your yoga studio’s success.

Step Two: We’re in this together

The success of the studio is pivotal not only for you, but your students and staff. It is the delivery method for the amazing yoga experience you provide!

How did your staff get started with yoga? For most people the answer is simple. They went to a class, liked it, started practicing more and eventually became a teacher. A yoga studio was pivotal in their personal yoga development. It’s the same for their students! Some of the people they teach are experiencing yoga for the first time!  

Try this →  Show your staff how important the studio is for the success of their yoga students.

If your teachers believe what they’re teaching can change student’s lives – and they believe your mission and vision is a positive one – then by default they MUST support the studio. Without the studio their students won’t receive the same life-changing yoga practice.

Step Three: Be transparent, in the right way…

Truth, transparency, and numbers will go a long way in getting your staff on board with your studio’s mission. Most people like to know what’s going on – to feel like part of the inner circle. 

The key is to give them the RIGHT DATA. Many owners don’t give their staff the numbers that are relevant to them and their performance – the data that could help them improve. Instead, often inadvertently, we only give them the bad news.

Often we let our staff know what struggles the studio is facing. That’s a BIG mistake. People are empowered when they feel safe and secure. They are more confident and more successful. We just aren’t wired to work harder because of scare tactics, we start looking for another job instead. YIKES!

Truth →  As far as your staff are concerned your studio is the best studio in the history of yoga and everything is going well!

What you SHOULD give your staff are the numbers that directly relate to their jobs. For teachers, this means the “first visit no return” rate, intro purchase rate, personal retention rate, average number of visits and conversion from into to a pass.

Step Four: Numbers don’t lie

Why are you sharing these numbers? Numbers don’t lie and they are powerful motivators.

Take the “first visit no return” rate, for example. On average 50% of students who attend a class, NEVER SET FOOT IN THE STUDIO AGAIN! (In our Yogapreneur Collective it averages 35-40%) This number can be shocking, but it’s also motivating.

Try this → Share statistics in a group meeting and get everyone in on the conversation.

When your teachers hear HALF of their first time students never come back it’s probably going to hurt their feelings a little. They will naturally want to defend the studio. You will likely hear things like:  “Why wouldn’t they come back? This studio is awesome! I’m a great teacher! Yoga is amazing!” 

This starts a dialog…and leads to a positive conversation!

You can use this type of discussion to teach your staff how to create rapport. You can highlight why interacting with students to promote the intro offer is so important. You can connect your mission and your processes, and help them see the value in what you do. 

Pro tip → Keep the conversation focused on growing the studio, not on you vs. them.

Now you can teach them soulful sales tactics and make selling personal to them. They know it’s about making their students’ lives better, not just increasing your bottom line. They will start to see the value in connecting people with your packages.

As much as possible, you want to connect your staff to INTERNAL motivations. Remind them of their “Why” and keep them engaged in the studio’s mission. Give them concrete data and celebrate growth in the numbers! Avoid “because it’s my studio and I said so” and you’ll find you have a much more motivated and effective staff.

Are sales strategies and training a challenge for your studio? Join a FREE Strategy Call today! You’ll walk away ready to implement new strategies and take your studio to the next level!

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Relax…Use SOPs!

Relax…  delegate like a pro with SOPs!

You work hard as an entrepreneur. It’s difficult to find time for yourself. You’re swamped with a thousand things to do in your business, but that’s an impossible pace to maintain. Everyone needs moments to recharge in order to be their best selves. 

Sounds too good to be true right? But you need time for your practice. You need time for your family and interests outside of work. I’m personally always trying to spend more time with family. Yet, It’s hard to step away from the studio…

Your business is important. You’ve put so much effort into getting it to where it is now. It’s hard to trust your studio with other people. It’s easy to fall into a “If you want it done right, do it yourself” mentality. The problem with that is how do you get away? Where’s the time for yourself? 

If you never teach others how to handle your studio you could get burnt out. Don’t lose sight of why you opened a business in the first place. The goal of being a business owner is to have freedom – both financially AND personally. 

Truth → If you don’t put systems in place your business will always need your constant supervision

Your phone will keep blowing up at the dinner table. You’ll always worry on vacation. Your business will keep running your life. You didn’t open your studio to micromanage and handle every small task. You need to find a way to stop micromanaging and hand-holding

Not sure how to break free from this system? Good news! There IS a way!

You can create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) *Woohoo* *Applause* 

SOPs do not seem exciting at first – But you SHOULD be excited! This is your path to freedom as a business owner. 

Get the best of both worlds: free time AND a business that runs smoothly

Implementing SOPs takes all the guesswork out of delegating. Your employees will know EXACTLY how to do things, just like you would. Use them as a way to unload your brain so your business can run smoothly when you’re gone. Give more of your energy to growth and development instead of using it on the little tasks.

Think of an SOP as a checklist. You create it to tell a person exactly how to perform a task. Do this in a step by step, foolproof manner. This is straightforward information. It’s ok that the language is boring. This is the one time I am giving you permission to not be creative. 

Writing them like this reduces mistakes. SOPs give your employees (and you) something to look back to when help is needed. Think of how you would explain an internal task to a stranger – i.e. opening a room, turning on the lights, setting up a classroom, etc. You would do this in a step by step, clear, easy to follow manner. 

Truth → SOPs are documentation that clearly lay out a procedure. 

It’s not hard! Someone else should know exactly what to do by following your instructions. Lay out every detail for them. It helps to walk through the SOP with fresh eyes when you’re done, as if you don’t know how to do the task already. 

They give others insight to your mind. How valuable is that!

Create SOPs with confidence!

I know what you’re thinking: this sounds like A LOT of up front work. Well, it kind of is. 

But it pays off! Think of all the extra time you’ll have when you’re not doing the mundane, day-to-day tasks around the studio… You’d have time for that project you’ve been putting off. That vacation your family has been begging for. There are ways to reduce the work. Try this:

Use an app like google recorder and talk through the process while you’re doing it. Make sure to include every detail – describe exactly what you’re doing. Google recorder has a transcribe option for your recordings. You can now take this and convert it straight into an SOP. You don’t have to tediously type out every word

There is a lot to be said about SOPs: how to implement them, what processes to make them for, where to store them, and much more. At the Yogapreneur Collective we go over all of this, providing templates to walk you through it. This system adds so much value to your business, especially if you wish to sell one day. 

Be confident delegating with SOPs! For more information on what this looks like for your studio, join a FREE Strategy Session with me

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The Power of Storytelling

The Power of Storytelling

Think back to the most important lessons you learned as a child, how were they taught? Was it a lecture? Trial and error? Completion of training? NO! 

You were told stories to teach powerful and important lessons. 

Hard work was taught by the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf. Finding balance was taught by Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Integrity was taught by the Boy Who Cried Wolf. Stories are the foundation of how we make decisions. 

What’s stopping you from selling your story?

If you want people to attend your classes, they need more than just a bulleted list of benefits. Don’t get me wrong, this is useful. It will be enough to secure some business. But I don’t think you came to me because you do the bare minimum. YOU DO MORE!

Truth → Stories are how we make sense of things.

Let’s revisit the fairytales from childhood. Were they a list of the benefits of hard work, integrity, or balance? NO! That’s because if you give a kid a bulleted list their eyes will glaze over. They learn nothing. Children enjoy the personal element of a story. It sticks with them.

Truth → Not much has changed when it comes to how we absorb information.

Deep down we’re not much different than children. We all enjoy a good story. Stories liven up the dinner table, break room and everywhere in between. If you want to fill your studio, create a story around what you do. 

I’m not talking about a lengthy post about your past, I’m talking about something targeted to your audience. Let your potential members know how their lives will be different with yoga by telling them how yours is. Get fired up about WHY you do yoga and share that message!

It’s time to discover YOUR story.

Don’t panic, you don’t have to live up to the Three Little Pigs or Goldilocks. But, we can still learn lessons from these famous tales… People will listen to your story if you put it out there. Make it valuable and align it with the purpose of your business

Truth → Your story has value.

These stories have a shared purpose – teaching a valuable lesson to a child. The first step to finding your story is asking what is your studio’s purpose? It can be a multitude of things: stress relief, weight loss, increasing fitness and flexibility. Tell a story you want people to associate with your business. If it is meaningful, they’ll remember.

A good story will spark emotion in the reader. When we think of large communities they have some sort of story of how they came about. Think of a community you belong to. Is there a story that you and the other members emotionally connect to? How did it bring you together?

Truth → Communities have beliefs around their common story.

Bikram yoga is a large yoga community. The base concept of bikram is that heat and breathing techniques allow you to stretch deeper and become in tune with your body. That factual definition doesn’t really spark emotion, so why did so many people join? Because the members have shared experiences.

People share personal testimonies of healing. Others share stories about stress relief and the amazing feeling after a class. When people put their stories out there, others align with their experience. Have you created a story for your studio? What are members aligning their experience with? If not, people will create their own – outside of your control…

Stories Unify People.

If you don’t have a story yet, IT’S OK. In fact, it’s better this way. It’s important that you get this right. If you storytell correct the first time, you won’t have to change the way people already view your studio. 

Did you already write your testimony? That’s OK too! Is it doing all that it can? You can reinvent it and generate more business for your studio. LET’S DO THIS!

Truth → You can control the narrative and align it with your beliefs. 

I have a unique and effective way to curate your story. Even if you think it isn’t special enough to attract others, I bet it is! Join me and the YC as we use storytelling to change our business. 

You need a story! For help creating a lasting and effective story your studio can sell, join a FREE Strategy Session with me.

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Welcome to the Digital Yoga Era

Welcome to the Digital Yoga Era

We are in a special time right now – The Digital Yoga Era. Many consumers aren’t comfortable with in-person class yet. You have an exciting opportunity to meet the needs of your community AND increase sales by expanding into the virtual market. 

Truth →  Regardless if you like or dislike Virtual Yoga, clients expect the option.

The data shows now, more than ever, people want a digital option.  Everything has gone digital. Yoga is no exception. Your members want on demand yoga. They want to pick and choose what they practice, and customize an experience for their interests. In fact, they expect it.

You can’t approach sales thinking “everyone wants the in-person element.” Although it may be true in some cases, you need to nurture all of your members’ needs. Not everyone can attend in-person classes right now and not everyone feels safe doing so.

It’s time to adapt to the current climate!

Digital yoga is life changing

Getting your members to show up for a yoga class in the studio is a big ask. They have to schedule it, drive across town, park, change, and get to the mat on time. By comparison, digital yoga seems like a small ask. You may think potential members will jump on it without much guidance… but that’s simply not true. 

Truth → Digital yoga is still a BIG ask. 

Think about it. Each member still has to make time in their schedule, change and get ready. They don’t have to drive, but they have to get off the couch and find a calm space in their home away from their kids, spouse, parents, roommates or whoever for 30-90 minutes. I don’t know about you, but for many of us, that’s actually harder than driving away for an hour or two.

Truth → Your community NEEDS yoga, whether they know it or not.

Your digital yoga can change someone’s life. Your digital studio could be what a busy parent needs to find peace in their day. It could be what an isolated individual needs to get human interaction. It could be what a person who travels often needs to stay grounded and have a sense of normalcy. 

Have you reinvented your virtual sales funnel? 

An effective digital sales funnel leads people into your online classroom, one step at a time. Does your website guide potential members to digital studio options, or is virtual yoga an afterthought? 

Truth → It’s up to you to guide potential members to the classes they need. 

Bring your yoga studio into alignment with the current marketing by emphasizing the value digital yoga classes have to offer. Create a membership for potential clients who are only interested in virtual right now and sell it with confidence. 

Truth → Digital yoga isn’t a lesser option; it’s a necessary one. 

Members won’t purchase your digital studio options unless YOU believe in them. Make your digital studio something you can be proud of with curated videos and content that enhances your members lives. A good digital studio can even boost in-person membership sales. Don’t cut corners. 

Take a look in the mirror

Maybe your digital game isn’t quite on point. Take a breath, IT’S OK! We knew this time was coming, but it came much quicker than expected. The important thing is that you take a good hard look at your digital marketing strategy and see if it is living up to its potential. 

Truth → Digital literacy is important no matter what type of studio you run. 

In the past, studios could get by from just face-to-face interaction. Things have changed. You need to be able to pivot into a digital world, or risk disappearing. Recognize where the yoga and fitness industry is going and take action. Not sure where to start? We can help!

Get your digital game on point! For help optimizing your virtual sales funnel to suit your studio, join a FREE Strategy Session with me. 

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Want to motivate your staff? Remind them WHY they love yoga!

Want to motivate your staff? Remind them WHY they love yoga!

Getting a well-trained, amped up yoga studio staff can feel frustrating and sometimes even a bit impossible. As the saying goes, “Good help is hard to find” … but where did all those good people go?

Truth →  They’re still right here!

Yoga in North America began as individual teachers leading classes in church basements and community centers. It was very individualized, and students would come to know and follow a teacher and their brand. Yoga only grew into a studio model over time.

Right now, there’s a trend you might have noticed. Individual yoga teachers build their own brands, rather than buying into the studio’s — > essentially returning to the way it was before, consciously or unconsciously.

The problem is this. Very few yogis who work on their own thrive as yogis in a studio community. The reverse is also true. Studios without a dedicated team on board struggle.

We NEED each other!

When you and your staff are on the same page, it’s best for EVERYONE. The challenge is getting there!

Studio owners with well-trained staff make more money, change more lives and have more free time. They can step away from the business for a day off or a vacation and know the systems they’ve put in place are being followed.

Your staff is an extension of you and your studio — > especially when you’re not there. Your teachers are each student’s primary contact point. They provide the curated yoga experience that keeps students coming back.

It’s essential you’re all on the same page!

Passion drives Performance

You didn’t start a yoga studio as some kind of get-rich-quick scheme. You built it to change lives.You saw the benefits of yoga in your own life and wanted to share those benefits with others. 

Your passion and vision drive everything you do in the studio. When things get hard, you remember WHY you got into the yoga studio business in the first place. This gives you the motivation to press on.

Truth → It’s the same for your staff.

Most staff believe in yoga, but get distracted along the way. They continue to teach because they like the free yoga and hanging out at the studio, but they’re not focused on the passion that brought them there.

They’re not eating, sleeping and breathing yoga like you are. Between working other jobs and only teaching a few classes a week, it’s easy to forget.

Find their why

Worried that your staff aren’t engaging with your students? Concerned because they’re not talking about membership to people or promoting the intro offer or following your systems? Maybe their heart just isn’t in it.

Try this → Remind your staff WHY they wanted to work at your studio in the first place.

Helping your staff find their why is the MOST IMPORTANT part of training. You cannot spend too much time on it! 

Ask your staff “Why did you become a yoga teacher?” Get them to really think about their personal mission and write it down. Talk with them about what they hope to accomplish. Talk about what they want to give to their students.

Help your staff condense their why into a single, powerful sentence. 


  • I teach yoga to help people find inner peace.
  • I help students with their back pain, because yoga made a huge difference to mine.
  • Yoga freed me from anxiety, and I want that freedom for others.

Whatever their personal mission, help your staff to articulate it. Your goal is for your team to believe again in the power of yoga and their role in bringing it to students. Focus on reminding them of their own why.

PRO TIP: Write down the WHYs of your core staff so you can remind and support them whenever they need it.

Anchored in your why

No one can reach their full potential without knowing what drives them. Spend as much time on this as your staff needs. Make sure they’ve convinced themselves and are amped up about your mission and their role in your studio.

Truth → Your staff won’t be able to sell effectively unless they’re anchored in their why.

Help your staff connect with their WHY and then share yours. Guide them into your vision for the studio. Share your mission, what you hope to accomplish, and ways you see growth happening in the studio.

Look for how your core values and the values of your staff align.

Once you’ve solidified your staff’s motivation, you are ready to discuss specific sales strategies and role play to help them understand the systems you’ve worked on. Center them in their why FIRST.

For more advice on training strategies, or anything else your studio is facing, join me during a FREE Strategy Session! I’ll give you – and a small group of other studio owners – concrete, actionable advice so you can tackle the challenges you’re facing RIGHT NOW! Take the next step for your business. Sign up today!

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What does your pricing say about your yoga studio?

What does your pricing say about your yoga studio?

Pricing sends a clear message to your potential students. It either says your yoga studio is worth their time and attention or it doesn’t.

On some level, all of us are suspicious of something that’s “too good of a deal.” We wonder if something that much cheaper can possibly be as good.

Imagine you see two pairs of black heels sitting on a shelf – one priced $180 and one $40. You’re naturally going to wonder why. If you’re honest, on some level you will think the expensive pair is better, based only on the price difference.

Studio pricing is the same way. If you’re like most studio owners, you picked some numbers based on competitors in your market or what sounded right. You probably didn’t focus too much on strategy or planning. That’s how I started out too. DON’T STAY THERE!

Approach your pricing futuristically. What do you want your pricing to create for you? What story do you want to tell about your business?

Tweaking your pricing can make a HUGE difference in your yoga studio’s success in the long-term. Too often we keep doing something because it’s the way it’s always been done, or the transition seems overwhelming. We might even be worried about our existing students and how they will feel about a change in pricing. 

Truth → Pricing is the supporting structure of your sales process!

Strategic pricing funnels your students (and your business) toward success. If your pricing isn’t in alignment, your intro pipeline won’t be as effective and your sales process will be much harder.  

What do your students need?

START WITH YOUR STUDENTS. What’s best for them? When someone asks you what they need to do to be successful at your studio, what do you tell them? How do you guide them?

Without a doubt – no matter what their goal – the answer is always frequency. The rest will fall into place, as long as they show up.

If frequency is what they need, why are you selling them something different?

Barely using their 10-pack in the three months before it expires – or casually dropping in – is the opposite of what someone needs when they come to you. To achieve goals like stress reduction, increased flexibility or a more fit body, your students need a regular practice of 2-3x a week. 

Sell them consistency… NOT YOUR DROP IN!

Without consistency they won’t get the results they need or experience the full value of your studio. You have a moral obligation to sell them something better.

Use the pricing of your drop in to talk about your studio’s value, not to fill classes. 

Your drop in sets the bar for the value of a class at your studio. Without having to do any math or think too hard, new students know exactly how much value your class is offering. It should be high.

If you’re selling a drop in that’s not much higher than a big box gym’s yoga class, you’re saying something. You’re telling new students that your studio isn’t really any better at yoga than that big gym.

Truth → Make your drop in price as high as possible. You don’t want to sell it!

Change the narrative. No markets in the United States or Canada should have drop in rates cheaper than $20. In many areas drop ins as high as $30 are standard now. Also… don’t put a link to purchase a drop in on your website. If they want to pay for a drop in, make them actually drop in!

Make your promotional conversation about your intro offer!

Whenever someone new comes in, the only thing you should be talking about is the intro offer. Keep it simple and don’t give them any other options unless they ask for them.

Try something like this:

  •  “What most people do is…”
  •  “Let’s set you up with our intro so you get…”
  •  “When you do the intro today you’ll get…”

Most intro offers last two weeks to a month. This gives newbies a chance to get to know your studio and experience the value you offer. It’s your chance to make them members.

Truth → Your intro offer is the BEST option for new students! Sell it that way.

It needs to be a no-brainer. The best ratio for your intro offer price is 2x your drop in or ½ the price of your monthly membership. That way, if they come in looking for a drop-in class it’s an easy sell, and when they’re done it’s easy to get them on your autopay.  

You need to frequently and clearly communicate your value. Give them enough time to try out your classes and get the flavor of your studio but leave them wanting more. They’re not sold on your studio yet. They’re trying it out.

This is your chance to make them fall in love with your studio and turn them into members.

Use strategic pricing to get your students what they need – FREQUENCY. Get new students on the intro offer and existing students on the autopay. They’ll be encouraged to show up often and your cash-flow will be more stable. Everyone wins!

When your pricing clearly communicates what you want them to do, and where your value lies, they’ll naturally make the right decisions.

Overwhelmed by pricing? You’re not alone. Talk out your studio’s situation and get specific guidance with a FREE Strategy Session. Book yours today!

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How to build your dream team to help run your dream studio.

How to build your dream team to help run your dream studio

A lot has changed in the past year and you’ve had to change with it. You’ve adapted to the virtual studio and now have a larger online presence… And you’re crushing it! 

One thing that hasn’t changed is the need to assemble a kick-butt team to help you run your dream studio. 

Truth → You can’t run your dream studio alone. 

You’re the one who put in the time and effort and took the risk. This is YOUR dream.

But you can’t do it alone. And you shouldn’t do it alone! How boring is that?! 

Truth → To take your dream to the next level you need to build your dream team. 

There are some very real steps you need to take to build your dream team. 

1. DEFINE what your dream team looks like.

Most yogis didn’t do this when they started out. At first you’re just happy to have some help. As you grow you get to be more picky about who joins your team.

Truth → Now it’s time to identify who EXACTLY fits into your vision for your team. 

This means you need to sit down and clearly define some things: 

Why does your studio exist?

You already know this, but it’s always good to revisit. 

For example… If you went into business to just make some money by running classes it really doesn’t matter who you bring onboard as long as they can run a class and not say anything offensive.

But… If you went into business to change lives through yoga then it absolutely matters who comes along with you on your journey. 

Only you know the answer to this question. 

What types of classes and activities do you want to offer? Will you offer something for everyone or are you going to specialize in certain areas?

What types of people will this require? Will you need someone who has broad experience and can teach a variety of classes or someone who is more advanced and teaches one specific class?

Truth → The most successful studios nailed down what their next hires will be like early. 

Once you’ve defined what your dream team looks like… 

2. Recruit the people that fit your vision. 

If you were building a log cabin you’d go find someone who is awesome at building log cabins. If you wanted to build a traditional house you’d get someone who does that. 

The builder matters. He or she is the person who helps you get what you want. 

Truth → The people you recruit will either help or hurt you in reaching your goals. 

This means you have to be intentional about where you look

Here are some places to find the best people for your vision:

  • Have a ‘careers’ section on your website. This is the FIRST place you should consider. This helps you NOW and in the future because you’ll have a reserve of applications to look back on later. 
  • Websites with yoga instructor registries (these will depend on your location so Google it and you’ll find some great sites). 
  • Reach out to other studios and/or instructors and let them know the type of people you’re looking for. 
  • Use social media to post ads (check out Facebook Ads).
  • Your own contacts – they already know somebody who fits your needs. 

You also have to be intentional in who you look at

Truth → As a business owner you are in charge of your brand. 

You will find “qualified” candidates who just don’t vibe with what you’re wanting to do in business. Don’t be afraid of turning away good people who don’t fit your vision. 

Truth → Who you hire is an exact representation of who you are as a business. 

At the end of the day, you want to be SUPER PROUD and 100% COMFORTABLE with your team. These are the people that you are going to journey with as you pursue your dream! 

As you’re recruiting the people who fit your vision for your studio…

3. Motivate your team as they join you on your journey. 

Most people don’t just want a job – they want to be part of something bigger than themselves. You can give them THAT! 

Truth → Your product is your team.

You might think your product is a yoga class but it’s not. Your product is your team, along with the community and experience you offer them. If your members just wanted any yoga class they’d have their pick of free yoga classes online. They choose your studio to interact with your team. 

Keep your team motivated and present so they can give their best to your members. There are some concrete ways you can do that:

  • Set clear expectations. Work is more fun when you know what is expected from you. 
  • Create systems to keep your team accountable. Peer reviews and quarterly performance reviews are great tools for this! 
  • Get to know your team. Everyone feels more appreciated when someone makes the time to get to know them.
  • Communicate regularly with your team. Weekly meetings – no longer than 30 minutes – are one way to stay in touch with your team. Another great way is quick check-ins through email or instant messaging. 
  • Harness the experience of your team members. They have good ideas and they’ll feel even more connected to their work – your business! 

It’s always important to keep your team motivated, but…

Truth → Right now it’s especially important to keep your team motivated. 

You’re not seeing each other as much these days because so much is being done online. You’re also asking your team to do things they haven’t done before.

Don’t lose sight of this critical step in building your dream team. 

Truth → The difference between having “employees” and having a “team” is MOTIVATION. 

The final step you can take in building your dream team is to become a member of another dream team – the Yogapreneur Collective. 

At the Yogapreneur Collective we want to help YOU stay motivated. 

As a member of the YC you will join an awesome team of yogapreneurs just like you who are striving to build their dream teams to help run their dream studios! 

Check out the Yogapreneur Collective where you’ll find more super relevant information and the tools you need to run your studio, combined with the knowledge of our expert coaches and dedicated yogis.

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