Now’s the time to get TikTok famous!

Now’s the time to get TikTok famous!

Have you seen it? 

Nathan Apodaca (a.k.a. @420DoggFace208) riding his skateboard to work one day. Well, not just riding. Vibing! And recording. 

The finished product? A video of Nathan riding along and drinking cranberry juice paired with a well-known song. Just a regular dude doing something ordinary, yet somehow different. 

Then… BOOM 💣 IT. BLEW. UP.

Since then he’s been joined in more videos by Ocean Spray execs and members of Fleetwood Mac – the product and musical artist featured in his video. 

Now they’re all TikTok Famous. 

Truth → It’s time for your studio to get TikTok famous. 

And it can happen in the blink of an eye! 

What is TikTok and who hangs out there? 

TikTok is a social media platform that moves at crazy speeds. With over 800 million users in 150+ countries the potential for your content to BLOW UP is very real. 

Truth → Your clients – the ones you have and the ones you want – are already on TikTok.

TikTok isn’t just the place where your niece watches the latest dance challenges. 

  • 31% of TikTok users are ages 18-24.
  • 43% of TikTok users are ages 25-54.

Truth →TikTok users are an untapped audience for you and your studio.

TikTok isn’t just another social media platform. It’s the go-to platform of the future.

  • 35% of TikTok users are NOT on Facebook.
  • 40% of TikTok users are NOT on Instagram.
  • 61% of TikTok users are NOT on Twitter.
  • 66% of TikTok users are NOT on Pinterest.

There is amazing potential to connect with people who don’t even know you exist right now – but can in a very short time! The value of TikTok to your studio is off the charts.

How can your studio be TikTok Famous?

Get started by creating an account – if you don’t already have one. 

Head over to and join their massively growing community. You can sign up through Google, Facebook or a number of other platforms you’re already part of. 

Get familiar with the vibe of TikTok. 

Spend some time flipping through the “For You” section – it’s the first thing you see when you open the app. 

You’ll quickly see that this is a place where creativity and fun combine to create a positive user experience. 

Check out some of the trending hashtags that relate to your business – 

  • #yoga
  • #fitness
  • #wellness

The yoga community is growing on TikTok but there’s not a lot of superpowers in this space yet. That’s a HUGE PLUS for yoga studio owners… LIKE YOU! 

Now it’s time to start creating content! 

TikTok makes it super easy to create and edit content. 

Start your path to TikTok stardom by choosing one of the four main types of video types to begin with… 

1 – “How To” –  Demonstrate how to do a certain stretch or pose. 

TikTok is quickly becoming a place where people go for information. If you’ve ever YouTubed “how to change a headlight,” imagine someone TikToking, “How to do downward facing dog correctly.” 

2 – “Feats” – Show off one of your amazing skills, or feats. 

People doing really cool stuff is always a recipe for success! 

Truth →Your “feats” video doesn’t have to be something NO ONE ELSE can do – just something amazing YOU CAN DO REALLY WELL.  

3 – “Routines” – Demonstrate a routine that you do every day.

Imagine creating a video that shows your morning stretch routine or a set of yoga poses that you do to start every day. It’s simple but helpful to the person who needs to add some structure to their fitness life. 

4 – Trending – Join in on TikTok trends.

Not all TikToks have to be original. Keep up on current trends among TikTok users. You’ll want to jump in and re-create them in a way that only you can – inspired by your own unique personality. 

Which video type will you choose to start your path to TikTok stardom? 

You can, and should, use them all eventually. Begin by picking the one that resonates with you the most right now. 

Truth → You are ready to begin creating your own TikToks. 

What to keep in mind when seeking TikTok fame. 

Be authentic. TikTok is a place for people to be real. Just be yourself and you will do great. There are millions of people who will relate to you. 

Be creative. TikTok is a place for you to unleash your creative genius. The more creative your content, the greater potential you have to reach a large audience. 

Keep it UNprofessional. TikTok is a place where amateurs can become famous! The tools you need to create amazing content are available right in the app. Simply add your amazing personality and your love for yoga. 

Don’t make ads, make TikToks. TikTok is a place where ads don’t feel like ads. An advertisement about your class schedule will probably not play well on TikTok, but talking about your love for yoga and passion to change lives will

Truth → There is a community of people who want to cheer you on! 

Now you’re ready to be TikTok Famous! While you can “go your own way,” things are always more fun when done in community. 

Check out the Yogapreuer Collective where you’ll find more super relevant information and tools you need to run your studio, combined with the knowledge of our expert coaches and dedicated yogis.

Run an insanely profitable studio so you can change more lives (and earn a real paycheck)!

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Plan on having a hyper-profitable 2021.

Plan on having a hyper-profitable 2021.

This year is coming to an end. Thankfully. It’s time to start looking forward. Making plans. Setting goals. Something about a new year makes you examine all the parts of your life. Don’t forget to take a good, hard look at your business, too! 

Here’s the thing about your business, though. It’s not enough to just look forward to the coming year and dream about what might happen. You need to plan for the coming year and make things happen.

Truth → It’s time to start strategizing for 2021. 

Don’t wait for your business to pick up. Make your business pick up! 

If you want a hyper-profitable yoga studio, you need to take the necessary steps to make that happen.

Truth → NOT having a plan is the #1 cause of stress among yoga studio owners. 

Think there’s a ton of stress and anxiety in the whole planning process? Try creating and implementing an event without a plan. That will take your stress and anxiety to the next level. And stop creativity in its tracks. 

Once you have a written strategy, share it. Get your staff on board. Put it on your calendar and set goals. Bonus – you now have a focus for your marketing. 

Planning helps you focus on one thing at a time and absolutely crush it. 

Eliminate stress in your life and business by creating a plan for 2021! 

Truth → Taking the time to create a plan actually frees up more time later. 

You might think you don’t have time to plan but the exact opposite is true…

You don’t have time to NOT plan. 

Time is one thing we all have equal amounts of. One of the best uses of yours is to plan ahead – now – so that you won’t have to push an event forward later on… under stress. Planning ahead creates space because you won’t be struggling later to “make time” for a specific event. 

Develop your strategy for 2021 

PLAN your event(s). Set aside a day for you and your team to plan events for the coming year. Some ideas will be great, some okay, and others will just make everyone laugh. It’s all good. Just plan. 

PREPARE for the event(s) that end up on your calendar. Start reverse-engineering things. You’ve decided what it is you want to do. Now start laying the groundwork for how you’re going to get there. 

LAUNCH your event(s). You’ve planned and prepared your event – it’s time to launch with confidence. You are ready for this! This is the best part! 

Truth → Your ability to take action in this area will be the difference between KILLING IT IN BUSINESS and killing your dreams of having a successful business

Create events around a pattern that leads to success! 

ATTRACT – Get new students into your studio. Do something as simple as offering a free week – a trial of your studio and classes. Or combine that with a buddy-week where current members bring a friend who then gets a free week. 

Whatever you choose, the key is to get others into and around your business. 

SELL – You’re going to have to sell some stuff. Once you have someone’s attention, you need to offer them something to purchase. 

Your goal after attracting someone’s attention is to get them to buy into your business. 

WOW – Do something that shows off your awesome-sauce. You got someone’s attention. You got them to buy into your business. Now it’s time to take them to the next level and WOW them with one of your offerings. Maybe it’s a workshop geared toward current members where you can show off what sets your studio apart from others? 

This is your chance to show them they’ve made the right move and WOW THEIR SOCKS OFF! 

REFERRALS – Get people talking about your business. If you follow these steps you shouldn’t have to GET people to talk about your business. They’ll already be talking! You will, however, need to provide them space to do it. 

Provide your students space to leave an awesome review on your website or social media sites.

Truth → One of the best plans you can make for 2021 is to become active in a community of Yogapreneurs who are also focused on crushing it! 

The idea of strategic planning for an entire year can be overwhelming. Especially if you’ve never gone through the process before. Don’t let it intimidate you! There is an entire community of passionate people just like you who want to see you succeed in your business. Here you’ll find other Yogapreneurs who have done what you want to do and who can help you along the way. 

Check out the Yogapreneur Collective where you’ll find more super relevant information and the tools you need to run your studio, combined with the knowledge of our expert coaches and dedicated yogis.

Plan on making 2021 your best and most profitable year ever! 

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How to plan your ideal work week and up-level your productivity

How to plan your ideal work week and up-level your productivity

In 2019 you were on the offense. You focused on growing your yoga studio, setting up systems and making brand evangelists. Then COVID-19 hit, social isolation started and the business changed – A LOT.

All the sudden you had to pivot your business model, jump head first into new things like online classes and shifting marketing. It was a challenge, but you made it happen! Your yoga studio is weathering the storm because of your quick thinking and strategic shift. Now it’s time to transition to being fully open. 

Truth → It’s time to go on the offensive again!

You can almost feel it in the ether. People are ready to move forward. We’re talking about reopening, what comes next and how to enjoy the rest of the year. Make sure you haven’t conditioned yourself into a feeling of scarcity. It’s time to look at how to move forward!

Take it one task at a time

Feel like you’re doing too much at once? Overwhelmed by all your tasks and responsibilities? Right now, most people are feeling scattered and that includes business owners. It doesn’t matter how organized you are, we’re all feeling like there’s too much going on… Don’t forget to give yourself space.

Truth → You can’t do it all at once, NO ONE CAN!

Embrace yoga’s philosophical approach to life. You’re most productive when you’re focused on a single thing at any one moment of time. Multitasking will leave you scattered with a to do list that never seems to shrink.

Think of a yoga practice. You have two students. One comes in off-and-on, whenever it works for their schedule, but works really intensely when they’re there. The other works a little less hard but comes in four or five days a week religiously. After a year, which student will have more success? The one who never stops.

Truth → Most successful entrepreneurs block out their time and single-task.

It’s the same with your yoga studio. Trying to do everything at once and hustling like crazy is sometimes necessary, but if that’s your technique for success you’ll burn out.

Instead, set aside time to work on your business, stick to it religiously and accomplish something during those moments you’ll see success. In one session you might feel like you didn’t get everything done, but in the long run you’ll win. That’s the professionals vs. the amateurs. That’s how you deal with overwhelm.

Build your ideal work week

Take the time to build your ideal schedule. Sit down and think about what’s non-negotiable every week and plot it into your calendar. Be realistic about what needs doing and how much time it will take.

You might be thinking “I know I have to have personal time, family time, kid time, work ON my business time, work IN my business time… How do I make all that time fit?” The first step is tracking your time. For one week, write down how you’re spending your time right now so you have something to work with.

Truth → Planning your week starts with knowing yourself!

You’ll see how things have naturally calibrated and it’ll beg the question “Is this a bad time to do that or should I double down on what organically works for me?” This can be very clarifying. Your ideal work week doesn’t have to match anyone else’s as long as you stick to it!

Stick to the plan!

Planning your ideal work week isn’t the hardest part – sticking to it is. Remember, WHY you set up this schedule. If you’re with your kids but thinking about the business you’re not accomplishing anything for the business and you’re not present with your kids. If you’re at your studio and you’re thinking about your kids, you’re not doing a great job for your business and you’re not doing anything for your kids either.

Truth → You need the space to focus on each aspect of your life.

It’s like meal prep. It’s really hard to get into the habit, but once you do everything is easier. Work is done more effectively, you can be fully present with your friends and family and your stress melts away. That’s the joy of a well-balanced life.

Truth → For your ideal week to work, you HAVE to stick to it!

Be dedicated to your schedule. Barring an emergency with your kids or the studio burning down, nothing takes you from that moment of time. That means when you’re at home you can be ALL IN for that moment.

Eliminating this mental division is FUNDAMENTAL for you and your studio! It will ease that feeling of being scattered and reduce your stress. It’s more than getting organized, it’s organizing how you spend your time.

Not sure what to prioritize during your work time? Get the tools you need, combined with the knowledge of our expert coaches and dedicated yogis in the Yogapreneur Collective! Run an insanely profitable studio so you can change more lives (and earn a real paycheck)!

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3 Key Legal Agreements Yoga Studio Owners Must Revisit Post-COVID

3 Key Legal Agreements Yoga Studio Owners Must Revisit Post-COVID

How much time do you spend thinking about the legal issues in your business? I’m guessing not much. That changes now. Because right now – in this kind of, almost post-COVID world, you need to get smart about all things legal. 

Now I’m not going to pretend that talking about the legal side of yoga studio ownership is fun. Because it’s not. But it IS important to the future of your business. This part of owning a studio may not be where you want to spend a lot of your energy. But we’re going to talk about it anyway. 

And since I’m all about learning from the smartest people in the biz, I had my friend Cory from Conscious Counsel talk to the YC about all things legal for yoga studio owners. He shared some seriously valuable insights and I’m passing some of them on to you. 

Truth→ Legal agreements are all about relationships.

If a relationship (any relationship) is going to last, both parties have to communicate their expectations. Openly and honestly. But just as things – and people – change over the course of a long marriage and expectations need to be adjusted, the same is true in your business.  

The legal agreements you had in place won’t work for you now

Whatever legal agreements you had in place before COVID were for the relationships that existed before. How you’re doing things and where you’re focusing your time have changed. You’re probably more concerned than ever about your exposures to liability. 

Everything about owning a yoga studio has changed this year. You know that. The way you operate, what you’re offering, where you’re offering it. All of that has changed. 

Truth→ Because your business has changed, the relationships you have in your business are going to change. 

That includes legal relationships. Having the right legal agreements in place can help you circumvent problems. And right now, avoiding problems sounds pretty awesome, right?

The three legal agreements you MUST revisit now are:

  1. Leases
  2. Waivers
  3. Teacher/Employee contracts

I’m going to spend the rest of this post talking about leases because I’m guessing that’s one of your biggest concerns. 

What to do if your current lease is not working for you

Your lease is likely the biggest expense on your balance sheet. It makes sense to settle in and spend some time talking about your options. 

Remember what I said earlier about relationships? That applies here. Your lease is a formal, binding, legal agreement. It means you have a relationship with your landlord. The kind of relationship you have can help determine how challenging it may be to revisit your lease.

Chances are your revenues are down this year. Maybe even way down. This means your lease as a percent of revenues is out of whack. It may be time to renegotiate your lease – or try to. 

So, let’s talk tips and strategies. 

What to keep in mind when renegotiating your lease

Something to keep in mind – the current lease market in your area may be lower due to the economic environment. 

Why is this important? 

Truth→ You can negotiate your lease if you’re doing well AND if things are challenging.

If your studio is doing well due to hard work, creativity, and maybe a bit of good luck, you can still negotiate your lease. Lease prices may have gone down overall in your market. Take advantage of that and try to get yourself into a more favorable agreement. 

When you’ve decided it’s time to negotiate your lease, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

  1. Profile your landlord. Is your lease held by a corporation or by a local property owner? That’s going to affect your approach. 
  2. Realize it’s unlikely you’ll be saved by the legal agreement. You need to be ready to think outside the boundaries of the terms of the lease itself.
  3. Negotiate via the relationship. This is where having a strong relationship with your landlord works in your favor. If you have maintained good rapport and a cooperative relationship, your landlord will be more likely to work with you. 
  4. Understand your landlord’s position. This can help you find possible avenues for negotiation. Do they have numerous vacant properties? Then keeping you in yours, even at a reduced rate, is to their advantage. 
  5. Understand your NEW business model. Be clear on what you can realistically take on. You don’t want to find yourself in a position where you need to renegotiate again in four or six months. 

You may need to get creative. Be willing to engage in some out-of-the-box thinking. When you think about all that 2020 has thrown at you, that’s something you should already be pretty amazing at.      

For more super relevant information and tools you need to run your studio, combined with the knowledge of our expert coaches and dedicated yogis check out the Yogapreneur Collective! Run an insanely profitable studio so you can change more lives (and earn a real paycheck)!

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It’s all about engagement – no ring required

It’s all about engagement – no ring required

When the crisis hit earlier this year and we all had to close our studio doors, panic was high on the list of what we were feeling. But as time wore on, we entered this weird stage of limbo – waiting to find out what would happen next with no firm end in sight.

Truth→ Limbo wears you out mentally. 

You want to move on. So does everybody else. But what does moving on look like right now?

For you, moving on needs to look like a change in posture from being on the defensive to being on the offensive. Instead of waiting for something to happen, it’s time to take action. Now. 

Realize the things you do now – the actions you take – will pay off three months from now. 

You want to be at the party

I don’t mean an actual party. That’s not cool right now. So where is the party? Where are your people hanging out?

Your people are online. More than ever. The amount of time people spend online went through the roof during lockdown. And even as we inch toward a new normal, it hasn’t come down much. People are online looking for information, entertainment, and to connect with other people

So where do you need to be? You need to be where the eyeballs are. And that means social media. 

Start now! This needs to be part of your plan for reopening.

You want more than just being liked

When we talk social media, you want what every yoga studio wants: social media accounts that get you more members, keep your existing members, and are easy to manage

Sounds simple, right?

Not exactly. 

See… you can’t just BE on social media. You need to ENGAGE on social media. 

What does that mean? Is it just collecting likes? Nope. Thumbs up alone aren’t going to get it done for you and your business. 

Truth → To crush it you NEED great social media engagement!

Crushing it means you get to run your dream studio, complete with a thriving community, packed classes, a real paycheck, AND a personal life. 

Trust me, you want to crush it. 

You want to engage your audience

Likes, impressions, reach, shares, website clicks – they’re all PART of audience engagement. Which metrics are important to you depends on what you’re going for. We can all agree that someone sharing your post onto their personal page with a comment about why they think you’re awesome is better than a simple like. Even better may be someone clicking through to your website where they can check out your classes. 

Question Should you worry about algorithms? Nope. Why not? Because Algorithms change ALL THE TIME. It’s a waste of time to try to figure them out or put the latest hacks in place. 

So, what is the secret to great social media engagement?

Try this → Make the person on the other side of what you are doing the priority! 

That is how you create raving fans. That is how you create brand evangelists. 

  • Read the reviews and comments posted on your accounts 
  • What are your customers telling they LOVE about your studio? Highlight the heck out of that in your posts
  • Look for common threads that can direct your content
    • What questions do they have?
    • What are they looking for? 

Whether it’s stories, live videos, or IGTV on Instagram, posts or videos on Facebook, focus on your audience. Their wants. Their needs. What gets them excited about yoga. Ask them questions. Listen to the answers. 

It’s time to get dialed in to your social media. Remember, actions you take today will pay off three months from now. That means no waiting around. 

TruthYour goal with social media is ENGAGEMENT. Because even without a ring, it’s still a commitment. 

Not sure what your audience is looking for? Get super relevant information and the tools you need, combined with the knowledge of our expert coaches and dedicated yogis in the Yogapreneur Collective! Run an insanely profitable studio so you can change more lives (and earn a real paycheck)!

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Turn leads into customers with these must-have email pipelines

Turn leads into customers with these must-have email pipelines 

Have you counted on referrals to bring you leads and new students? Has connecting with students when they’re in your studio been your #1 retention strategy? 

While 2020 has brought challenges of every kind, one of the biggest for yoga studio owners has been not seeing students regularly! Sure, you’ve done a great job with virtual classes and events. You may even have a slammin’ online library of classes. But none of us has a studio filled with students talking about the amazing things practicing yoga has done for their lives.

This doesn’t mean you can’t generate leads or keep your students in their memberships. It does mean you need to do what you should have done a long time ago – get some email pipelines written and implemented! 

Truth→ This is not a COVID thing!

Truth→ This is a should-be-doing-this-365 thing!

Email pipelines allow you to communicate the right message to the right lead or client at the right time! BOOM.

There are four different email pipelines every yoga studio needs to have. Get them in place! With a few tweaks here and there, you can use them for a long time! 

Email Pipeline #1: Lead Campaign

Lead campaigns get your prospects to buy your intro offer or sign up for your membership.

This is where you need to have a “freebie” or something of value to offer. It needs to be valuable enough for them to give you something of value back – their email address!  

What kind of “freebies” work? Offer a pre-recorded class or 10-minute yoga series to do at home. Offering 4 poses to ease lower back pain or a 15-minute meditation to relieve stress gives prospects immediate value. 

Email Pipeline #2: Intro Campaign

Once your lead buys your intro or signs up for a membership, they’re no longer a lead. They’re a new client. And new clients get special attention. 

Goals for the intro campaign vary. Yours may be for new clients to buy your membership. If they already purchased a one-month membership, get them to stay on for another month. 

Remember – always use video! Nothing else tells your story better or gives students a better sense of who you are and what your studio is about. Have a current student talk about the positive changes they experienced after their first month of practicing at your studio. 

And again… provide value. Offer solutions to common problems, explore the variety of classes you offer, provide further education.  

Email Pipeline #3: Retention Campaign

Focus on your members doesn’t end once they sign up! Retention campaigns go the extra mile to keep them on board as long as possible. They get a life-changing yoga practice, you get steady revenue and brand evangelists.

Focus on continuing to add value. Offer solutions to problems long-time students may face. They may be feeling stuck or lacking motivation. Maybe they feel as if they’re not improving. Show your dedication by addressing these problems and offering solutions. Give your members concrete reasons to continue to practice with you. 

Talk about a new style of yoga students may not have tried – or a new class you’re offering. Suggest a private lesson or the challenge of trying a double. 

Your retention campaign is also the perfect place to do a deep dive into how the yoga lifestyle can benefit students’ lives outside the studio. 

Email Pipeline #4: Call-Back Campaign

What about students who left? Get them back with your call-back campaign! These emails are targeted at members who haven’t been to a class in 6 months or more. Try offering a come-back special. 

Address objections head-on in these emails. There’s a reason someone stopped practicing. It may be as simple as not having enough time in their schedule. Or it might be a little deeper – maybe they felt discouraged by not making as much progress as they thought they would.  

Again, it’s crucial that you provide value in these emails. Entice past members to come back by making them feel comfortable and welcome. Educating them about 10 simple things they can do NOW to re-incorporate yoga practice into their lives could be just the thing to get them back with you. 

How long should my email campaigns last? 

Not sure how long you should keep a prospect in a lead campaign or a client in a retention campaign, or a former student in a call-back campaign? The answer is simple.

Go for no. 

Keep contacting them until they buy or say no. If a lead buys, they move into your intro campaign. Otherwise, you’re going to keep talking to them until they buy – or until they unsubscribe. That’s your no. Same with a call-back campaign – keep talking to them until they come back (goal met) or unsubscribe. 

For more super relevant information and tools you need to run your studio, combined with the knowledge of our expert coaches and dedicated yogis check out the Yogapreneur Collective! Run an insanely profitable studio so you can change more lives (and earn a real paycheck)!

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How to market to existing clients during your yoga studio reopening

How to market to existing clients during your yoga studio reopening

Your clients – just like you – have been through a lot these past few months. They may or may not be ready to jump right back into the studio – but we need to be ready for them!

Now is the time to re-engage your clients. Things are different for them now. The message you would have sent them a few months ago isn’t the same one you should send them now.

Truth → Your existing clients are your key audience right now! 

You can’t come across as tone deaf. Right now, people are sensitive to expenses that seem “frivolous”. It’s your job to point out your studio’s value. Remind them self care is NECESSARY not selfish.

Invest in your existing clients!

They supported you through social distancing, and they’re the first ones you’ll welcome back. They’re loyal. Rely on them as the backbone of your cash flow. Take care of them. Turn them into brand evangelists.

How do you market to someone who already knows you?

  • Thank them for their loyalty! They didn’t need to stick with you. There were plenty of other pop-up virtual experiences they could have gone to.
  • Exclusive perks: Create special “members only” events or classes.
  • Make a special offer: Commit to one year and get the first two months free. First dibs on private classes. Free upgrade at the same price. 

Having the right messaging is important. How you share it is just as important. You need to speak to the right person, at the right place, at the right time. That intersection makes for good marketing.

What’s the right place to engage existing clients?

  • Email: Send out an email blast. Let them know your yoga studio is reopening – members only – and you’re excited to see everyone. You’ll need a different message for members and those who aren’t getting in right away. 
  • Text: Make your texts personal. They’ll know a scripted mass text when they see one. Keep it light, friendly and unscripted. 
  • PHONE CALLS: Now is the time to pick up the phone and contact your members. Everyone if you can. Don’t sell them anything, just leave them a voicemail saying a.) we’re opening soon and b.) we’re excited to see you.
  • Snail Mail: This will take a lot of effort, but sending a handwritten letter is a meaningful and memorable thing. Other options would be a door hanger or a “golden ticket” (bring this ticket in for “Members Only Access NOW”)
  • Targeted Online Ads: Use paid Facebook and Instagram ads to reach current clients. You don’t need a hefty budget to make this possible.

Get your suspended members back on track

 After contacting your paying members, shift your focus to members on suspension. Now is the time to get them re engaged with your studio and let them know their charges are coming “unpaused.” You’ll need a few new tactics to keep them from dropping off.

How do you market to members on suspension?

  • Thank them for their patience.
  • Explain the opening up plan and how they fit in.
  • Get them excited to come back in.
  • Warn them of their suspension reactivating.
  • Leverage their membership as the only way to access classes. 
  • Explain any new offers, like the first month is half off with reactivation.

Taking members off suspension will inject some cash flow into your yoga studio AND get them ready to practice again! A lot of members will be excited to get back into the studio, but be ready for some cancelations. 

Truth → Marketing is about memory. If they remember you, they will come to you. 

Give your members a clear timeframe for payments. Communication is key here. Try “Because we’re reopening, your suspension is no longer necessary. You have 30 days to start back up and get in on our Members Only in-studio classes!” 

Truth → Make sure they remember the value you bring to their lives. 

Choose which contact method is best for your suspended members. You can keep it simple and use the same tools as your existing members, or try something different. Not all of these will be the right fit for everyone. If you have 400 suspended members, you’ll be writing a lot of hand written notes… In that case, maybe stick to emails and text messages.

For more super relevant information, join us for live webinars with our team of experts included in the Yogapreneur Collective. Get these lives webinars, plus the huge online resource library, private Facebook Group, and access to 1:1 coaching all for just $125.

➡️ To access the YC Webinars and so much more, sign up here.

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5 mistakes to avoid when selling your studio

5 mistakes to avoid when selling your studio

No question – right now is a challenging time to own a yoga studio. You may be considering selling your studio or simply closing your doors. But here’s the thing – now is not the time for rash decisions. When you consider selling your studio, you need to tap into your business mind. Think formulaically and scientifically – because there IS a science to a successful sale. 

Truth→ Humans are wired to hold onto things. We don’t want to let go. 

It is hugely important that you have an exit strategy. When should that strategy be put into place? From the beginning. You may be thinking, “Why would I think about an exit strategy when I’m so excited about opening a studio and living my dream?” 

Fair question. 

If you put yourself in the space of thinking about where you want to be five years from now, you may see yourself moving on from your studio. Knowing that you want to be in the place of selling a thriving studio helps you plan for that day. Every action you take in your business now should work toward the business you want to have five years from now.   

“But I didn’t plan, Josh. And now it’s time to sell.”

Okay, so let’s talk about that. I get it. You didn’t plan for this year. No one could have. And now might be the time you need to sell your yoga studio. Some studio owners have simply locked their doors and walked away because they didn’t know what else to do.  

Not you. 

It’s all about the plan. 

The good news is that the market is slowly getting back to normal. We see more buyers coming back and they’re ready to buy. This means you need to be ready to sell. 

We’re going to talk about five issues that will come up as you’re selling. Selling doesn’t always go smoothly. Be prepared for hiccups. Be ready for these issues and have a strategy. 

Be ready to sell like a wizard.

Issue #1: Landlords

Your buyer may want to simply take over your existing lease. However, be aware that your landlord may have different plans and want to negotiate a new lease. Look out for this issue and keep communication open. 

Issue #2: Outstanding Pre-Paid Packages

Members who purchase pre-paid packages are a great asset – for you. When you go to sell, however, the revenue from those packages has already been collected – by you. Realize that having a large number of outstanding packages will not be seen as a positive by your buyer – and have an answer ready. 

Issue #3: Attorneys

If you are not using a licensed real estate broker, your attorney will play a larger role. Be aware, this can cause more issues as well as lead to higher costs for you. Things that a broker would take care of as part of their set fee will be charged to you by a lawyer at his or her hourly rate. It’s worth crunching the numbers and considering a broker, depending on your situation. 

Issue #4: Cold Feet

There is a well known saying, “Time kills all deals.” Don’t keep your buyer waiting. The sale should move as quickly as possible –  keep your buyer’s enthusiasm high! Any delays gives them a chance to look at other options, question how wise an investment is right now and generally get cold feet. 

Issue #5:Renegotiating

This is another time you need to begin with the end in mind. Before you enter negotiations, decide where you’re willing to give and when you’ll walk away. And stick to it. No matter what gets said in the heat of the moment. 

Selling your studio will be emotional. 

The reason you are selling your studio doesn’t matter. Whether you’ve planned for a sale or circumstances pushed you toward a sale, you’ll feel all the feelings. Be prepared for a roller coaster ride. 

Selling your studio is a process. It will take time. Remember, until the sale is final, your studio is still your business. Do not mentally check out because you’re selling. You are the leader of your business – and business leadership means finishing strong!

For the super relevant information and the tools you need to run your studio, combined with the knowledge of our expert coaches and dedicated yogis check out the Yogapreneur Collective! Run an insanely profitable studio so you can change more lives (and earn a real paycheck)!

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Building a social media strategy for your new normal

Building a social media strategy for your new normal

Time to get serious about social media as a way to promote your studio and build your brand. You really can’t avoid marketing socially any longer.

Over the last few months, your clients have had to move their work, their personal lives and their workouts to social media. 

Truth → We know they’re online, so we need to meet them where they’re at!

Whether you like it or not, your clients are adrift right now. They’re looking for somewhere to go. You need to be ready to do more than announce that your studio is opening soon. You must share that you are ready for them to safely return to your classes and your community!

Truth → Now, more than ever, it’s crucial to have a social media strategy. 

Creating content for social media

When creating content for social media, you have to get clear on who you’re talking to, what they want to hear from you and how to get it in front of them. First think of content your clients will value. Then create this type of social content and add it to your editorial calendar. 

Here are a few ideas:

  • How to videos: Meditation, sun salutations, chaturangas, and breathing techniques are great places to start. 
  • 10 Minute Morning Routine: Help your clients get the day started right with a regular practice.
  • Bedtime Nidra Class: Great for virtual content, because people can crawl into bed right after, relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep. 
  • 10 Minute Lunch Break Classes: Ab blast, Booty blast, Office Chair Stretches
  • Recipes: Ask your staff to help you out with their favorite smoothies, bowls and salads!
  • Weekly Community Class on Facebook: This eliminates signs ups and makes you more accessible.

Remember, your clients are all coming from different backgrounds and may not be practiced yogis or yoga enthusiasts. Take out the yogi rhetoric when you can – you want your clients to see your studio’s value and not be intimidated!

Amplify your content with targeted ads

Once you have an idea of the content you’ll be posting, it’s important to set up a strategy or plan for your social media ads. Ads amplify your reach by getting people to engage with your content – whether it’s to comment on a video or click on your website. You want them engaging!

Truth → The goal with ads is to amplify your reach!

To help your long term strategy, it’s important to have a Pixel Audience Campaign. Pixel is a little piece of code you add to your website. It collects data that helps you track your audience from Facebook ads, optimize ads, and build targeted ads.

This will allow you to target specific audiences more efficiently so you’re not wasting your hard earned money on ads.

The best strategy is to post all of your videos organically to social media, and then share the link to your email list to get traction. The more views and comments you get, the better you’ll rank in the Facebook algorithm (or any other social media platform). This will help your ads get more views AND amplify your reach!

Budgeting for ads can be a touchy subject since things may be tight for you financially. A little from your wallet can go a long way on social media ads, especially because you’ll be targeting a smaller audience.

Create a social media schedule 

 When it comes to a strategized schedule for ads, it’s important to know what you’re putting out to your audience and when! That way you can schedule targeted emails and not burn any unnecessary mental calories trying to keep track of your posts. You’ll always know what you’ve posted and what comes next.

Check out this sample schedule of video ads:

  • Video #1 Your Opening Plans: What are you doing to keep everyone safe?
  • Video #2 Walk Through: What does it look like coming into the studio?
  • Video #3 Self care: Start changing the conversation around self care. Self care is not selfish – it’s necessary. It’s like flying. You have to put your oxygen mask on first.
  • Video #4 Brand Positioning: Have fun with this! People are over the negativity. Let them know you’re following protocols, but remind them of your value.
  • Video #5 Testimonials: Start looking NOW for people who know and love your brand!
  • Video #6 Special Offerings: Share anything new! Highlight virtual classes as well, in case they aren’t ready to step back into the studio just yet. Keep it positive, we don’t want to plant the seed that they can just resort to the virtual classes.
  • Video #7 Sales Video: Give them a short intro of any specials for the studio – virtual or in the physical studio. Make sure you include a strong call to action. Let them know exactly what you want them to do or buy. 
  • Video #8 Value Videos: Include high-value videos to get members engaged. Anything from how to meditate or do sun salutations to a cooking class. 
  • Video #9 Thank you video: Make sure you thank the front line workers, first responders, and especially your yoga teachers for turning their homes into yoga studios.

Don’t let this overwhelm you! This sample schedule isn’t set in stone. Some of these videos you can combine so you’re not repeating yourself. Think about what’s right for your studio and your members. 

Truth → A solid strategy now will keep your studio successful in the long run.

Remember, there is still work to do but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You’ve shown your yoga superpowers over the last few months – working at 110% and keeping your community together. You’ve got this! 

For more super relevant information, join us for Live Webinars, included in the Yogapreneur Collective. Get these webinars, plus the huge online resource library, private Facebook Group, and access to 1:1 coaching all for just $125.

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How to batch your virtual studio content

How to batch your virtual studio content

Feeling overwhelmed by your virtual studio now that you’re getting classes up and running at your physical location? Maintaining an in-studio class schedule, a virtual class schedule and keeping your community engaged is a lot of work. Or maybe you’ve had to shut your doors again and are back to an all virtual schedule.

Live streaming your in-studio classes may seem like the easiest way, but it’s harder than it sounds. You can have technological difficulty. Members at the studio might not like seeing all your filming equipment. They might add to the noise or confuse virtual students.

Truth → Livestreaming your physical class creates a lot of variables.

In most cases, live streaming during a physical class isn’t the best way to go. It’s tempting because filming a class every day, while teaching in-studio classes isn’t really the best method either. That’s where batching your virtual content comes in.

Batching content is the most efficient way for you to create massive amounts of content. You can streamline the process and build up your library in a way that works around your schedule. Batching content is a very powerful tool to build your virtual studio.

Brainstorm your virtual studio content

The first step to creating good virtual content is to brainstorm what you need. Having a big picture approach takes the guesswork out of your filming days. Otherwise you’ll end up wasting mental calories trying to figure out what to film – while your team is waiting around ready to go.

Consider a variety of content types:

  • Full length classes
  • Shorter length classes
  • Quick stretching guides
  • Posture tutorials

You can also include alternative education tutorials on breathing, nutrition, philosophy and other topics that will round out your member’s yoga practice. The goal is to create a library that showcases what your studio is about. Create a list of your key topics and you’ll always know what to film.

Determine what the foundation of your virtual studio library will be, and batch content for it. It’s not about quantity, it’s about covering your foundational bases. If you have 10-15 videos that really capture what your students most want to learn, you’ll be ready to start. The rest will grow over time.

Schedule time for each phase of content creation

There are three phases for creating yoga content. First, planning and preparation, then filming and creation, and finally editing and distribution. It’s not as simple as scheduling a Saturday for filming. You have to block out time for each of the three phases.

Phase 1: Planning and Preparation – Decide on a video topic and envision what you want the finished video to look like – where it is, what it’s about, and the framing. Your plans don’t need to be hyper-detailed, just enough to keep you on track.

  • Make a bullet-point list of everything you want to cover in the video.
  • Prep and list all the gear you need to film – don’t forget extension cords!
  • Pick a place to film and test out the framing and sound quality.
  • Write your intro and outro for each piece of content.
  • Define your vision and how the video will be used (members only, advertising).
  • Decide what action you want your viewer to take afterwards and write a call to action.
  • Finalize the schedule with all participants.

Phase 2: Filming and Creation – Schedule a day specifically for filming and make the most of it. Once you have your gear set up, take the time to film several classes or tutorials. Before you start TEST EVERYTHING! Now is the time to find out your mic isn’t working, or the camera is set up wrong. Not after you’re done filming.

  • Set up your gear and test everything!
  • Review your shot plan
  • Film! If you make any mistakes, record the clip # and time in a notebook and keep going.
  • Download, upload and back up all videos with clear labels – don’t rely on your memory.  

Phase 3: Editing and Distribution – Now is your chance to remove any mess-ups and put in the final touches. Once everything is branded and looking the way you planned, schedule it’s launch. Keep a calendar to plan your release dates and drip out new content over time, so there’s always something new!

  • Edit your video – add your logo, take out any mess-ups and get it looking great.
  • Upload your new videos to your virtual studio or social media scheduler.
  • Edit any final assets like thumbnails, descriptions and tags.
  • Schedule your video launch and record it in your planning calendar.

Take your impact to the next level.

Don’t stop at creating quality content, make sure everyone sees it! At the minimum you’ll need to write and schedule an email and social media post. Let your members know there’s fresh content in your virtual studio so they can get pumped up!

If you want to take it a step further, atomize the video. You can leverage your content in new ways by editing a shorter video out of it, writing a blog post, additional social media posts, or even creating a supplemental checklist or download. Expand the way members and new clients find out about the great stuff your virtual studio has to offer! 

Get our free download The 3 Step Guide to Batching Content.

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