Instagram Hashtag Strategy | Case Study for Yoga Businesses 

Over 3 months, we have been engaging with the profiles discovered using relevant hashtags multiple times a week: #yogabusiness #yogabusinesscoaching #businessofyoga #yogapreneur #yogastudioowner

We searched these hashtags on Instagram and interacted with the top 3 posts from each one. We did this by liking, following, and commenting on each.  

By doing this consistently we have seen an increase in the following:

  • Overall engagement rates
  • Post engagement (likes, comments, saves, and video views)
  • Followers
  • Post reach (more people are seeing our content)

Hashtag strategy case study goals

Before implementing this Hashtag Strategy, our Instagram engagement was growing slowly at a 1% increase rate. As Instagram users we’ve all been facing roadblocks since new algorithms have been implemented into the platform, resulting in a lower chance of new posts being discovered and engaged with if your followership isn’t very high (5000+). 

Instagram has also cracked down on bots and third-party organizations that implement automated growth on your account. If any user is caught using these, they risk getting their entire account shut down which would be detrimental to our online community and brand. 

Our goals during this case study were to create more organic engagement at a higher average rate on both posts and profile visits and interactions. We also wanted to increase the number of followers and the reach of the account which will help us get on the good side of the algorithm to increase the chances of posts reaching more people organically.  

Instagram hashtag strategy – case study results 

This strategy has helped us reach our organic Instagram growth goals. This proves that engaging with others helps to grow the engagement on your own account as well. 

Since implementing this hashtag strategy, we have seen a significant increase in the following:

  • Average Engagement rates (Total engagement [comments, saves, video views, likes] divided by reach)
  • Followers (the number of people who follow our account)
  • Post reach (the total number of unique accounts that have seen our posts)
 Avg. Engagement RateFollowersPost Reach
Avg. Before6.43%26944.57k
Avg. Now9.19%29327.08k

Continuous Instagram Hashtag Strategy

Our Instagram account has become a source of discovery for new members of the Yogapreneur Collective. We plan to continue this organic strategy to increase the organic engagement rates further and build a larger following so that we can reach more wellness studios and skyrocket into success. 

Whether you want to conduct this study on your own Instagram, or simply implement our findings and use them to your advantage, this study can help you to grow your own account. The best part is that it only takes 5 minutes out of each day, but has monumental results over a long period of time. 

Are you ready to grow your Instagram following? Try our hashtag strategy to make lasting changes to your engagement rates. 

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